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Horse rides, cattle brandings, fall round-up, country living, wide open space, with room to grow, explore, and play. Animals galore-- horses, cows, dogs, and a cat. Back yard BBQ's, family vacations, move nights, and bike rides. Skiing, sledding, boating, and swimming. Scripture study, family prayer, attending church, long drives in the mountains. Outdoors, camping, family night, creating memories, dinner as a family, playing games, story telling, and backyard campfires. Small town, close-knit community, family date nights, building blanket forts, long walks, serving others. Rodeos, roping, weekends at the cabin. Reading books, museum visits, wrestling matches, exploring new places, learning together. Laughing 'til our guts hurt. It's always better when we're together.
He is spontaneous, she is a planner.
She is organized, he is . . . well, not so organized.
He is quiet, yet warm and personable.  She is more shy and quiet.
He's a smart-aleck and likes to joke.  She is more serious than he, but not by much.
He is funny, and she likes to laugh (but occasionally she one-ups his jokes).
He is a country boy (a cowboy to be exact), she is a city girl (now turned country).
He's living a rancher's dream, she feels like the luckiest person in the world to be called "Mom."
She likes to curl up with a good book on occasion, while he would rather be outside.
She likes school & has a Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene. He is the best teacher to his little boy and loves to teach him the tricks of the trade.
He is easy-going, and so is she.
He says she has a big heart and always thinks of others first. She says he is compassionate and would do anything for others, day or night.
He likes football, she's still trying to figure out the game.
She likes to cook, he likes to eat (so does she).
She thinks he is an amazing dad, he thinks she is the"best-est" mom.
She likes to take pictures, he dislikes having his picture taken.
She loves to travel, he is learning to appreciate traveling.
He has a testimony of the gospel, so does she.
His work-out plan consists of working on the ranch, she prefers Zumba, a bike ride, or going for a walk.
She likes clothes, jewelry, and fashion, while he prefers a plaid, button-up shirt with jeans.
His favorite color is blue, she likes turquoise.
Their greatest blessing's name is Brody.
In many ways they are the same, and in other ways different. They think it's a perfect balance.
And they know one thing's for sure-- they love life, and one another.

(At the cabin)

(Checking on our horses.)

(Playing ball)

(Christmas 2012)

(Family scripture study)

(Date night)

(Hawaiian Sunset)

(Back yard marshmallow roast)

Brody is our 3-year-old ball of energy and happiness.  His blonde hair and blue eyes captures hearts.  He is an inquisitive, busy, playful, smart, and funny little boy (all boy), with a bit of mischeif on the side.  He is initially shy around unfamiliar faces, but at home gives us non-stop narration and entertainment.  Brody is a big brother in training, and absolutely loves babies.  When he sees a baby, he bends down to them, gently tickles their cheeks and talks to them in a soft, high pitched voice starting with, "Awwww, hi baby."  He also loves animals, and is happiest when he is outdoors "helping" his dad feed the animals or check the cows. He has taken good notes around the ranch, and likes to "yope" (rope) anything and everything. Brody came to us through the gift of adoption, and we are blessed beyond measure that he is part of our family. 

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  1. Oh Suzanne! I just came across your blog. What a beautiful growing family you have!
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers this Fall- with your exciting news of adoption again.
    You have a wonderful perspective on life and adoption.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Heidi Lamb Castle