Our Story

country boy meets city girl
at a rodeo

she thinks he is charming
he thinks she is "the prettiest thing he's laid eyes on" (ha! see what I mean about charming)

friends first
she plays hard to get
it works

he falls in love with she
she falls in love with he

he pops the question 
she says yes

march 2000 he and she 
become mr. and mrs.

she finishes her degree
he pursues his ranching dream

years go by 
they wish for a family
their greatest desire
but no babies come

dr.'s visits, tests, treatments, disappointments 
bad news

more tests, more dr.'s visits, bad news
IVF again
more bad news

he and she pray and pray
God has a bigger, better plan

adoption is the path
their baby will come through another
through someone who is brave
someone who is selfless
someone who is courageous

they pray they will find her
they pray she will find them

march 2010 prayers answered
she found them
their miracle arrives  
the greatest gift

they are very, very happy
he is dad
she is mom

3 years go by
someone is missing

they pray once more
for another miracle 
hoping to adopt a second time

searching for her
praying she will find them

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