Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Smell of Money (a.k.a. cow manure)

Let me explain.  Living in the "country", you often hear people say they "smell money" when they smell stinky manure, or passing by a smelly feedlot, or dairy.  Delish, I know!  (I still can't figure out if they're referring to the potential money to be made from the cows, or all the money going "through" the cows as they hay turns into manure!)
Anyway, the past couple of years each fall we head down to Spanish Fork, Utah for a big "show cattle" sale where the smell of manure was abundant.  Brent has recently gotten into raising, and selling show steers, and heifers.  WE don't show the cattle, he just sells them to people who travel around to cattle shows to show their animals (yeah, kinda like a dog show, but with cattle).  The first time I saw the hoopla that occurs at a cattle show, I about died.  Seriously, people really wash, and blow-dry and put moose, and hair spray in a cow's hair, only to have it poop all over it self, 2 minutes later?!  Hilarious!  I'm still trying to understand.  I guess there's money to be made, so I better be nicer about it!  I'm learning, slowly. . .
 The hi-light of the weekend for me, was I got to meet up with one of my best friends from high school, Jen, who happens to live in Spanish Fork.  We had a blast reminiscing about the old days, and her kids, Kya, and Brennon are dolls!
Kya was dying to "ride a cow", so Brent let her sit on the heifer's back.
 They were eager to help Brent lead to cow back to the trailer.  So cute!
It ended up being a fun weekend with lots of good times.