Sunday, January 22, 2012

22 Months and Counting

It's crazy to think that in less than 2 short months our little guy will be 2-years-old!
Here are a few facts about Brody at 22 months:

He's beginning to expand his vocabulary (a little bit).  He still talks a lot, but much of it we can't decipher, however, these are a few of the words he is saying that we can understand:
"All gone" (ah duh)
"Ow!" (when he doesn't want to do something he uses this one. For example, I was in the grocery store parking lot a few weeks ago trying to buckle him in his car seat, and he was yelling, "Ow, ow, ow!"  I'm sure the people around us thought I was beating my child in the back seat- lovely!
"Me", or "Mine,"
"NO," --very clearly
"Thank you" (ah dee),
"Grandma/pa" (am ah),
"Right there" (ri der)- he points where he wants you to put his food on his high chair tray, or when he wants you to sit by him and play.
"What's that?"
"Whoa," or "Whew,"
"Huh?" He says this often, and not because he's hard of hearing, I think he just likes us to repeat ourselves.
"Daddy" (Da- ee).  This is his favorite word.

He's also become a great tantrum thrower.  Thankfully the tantrums do not come often because they are brutal.  He lays on the floor, kicks, SCREAMS, and occasionally smacks himself in the head. I pray this stage doesn't linger, but we haven't even made it to two yet, so I know better.

Brody is a very loving boy, and loves to offer hugs, and kisses to Brent and I.  Most every time we ask, he's quick to give one, and often spontaneously.  I love it!
He's also concerned, and caring.  If he sees me leaned over doing something with my hair in my face, he will come over to me and brush my hair out of my face. Although, concerned and caring aren't always the words I would use to describe him.  He has woken me before by sitting on my throat, and pinching my nose!

He's obsessed with pictures we have around the house, and loves to point at the people in them while we repeat their names to him over, and over.
Another obsession that has continued since he was old enough to recognize them, is animals.  Cows more specifically, but animals generally.

Brody's still shy around strangers, and if they get too much in his space, it makes him cry.  Once he warms up, however, the shyness disappears, and he loves to be the center of attention.

As far as naps, he generally takes one 2 hour nap in the afternoons.

He mimics things he sees Brent and I do, or sees on TV.  One day I was trying to get him to wind down for a nap, and I turned on the movie "Marley and Me."  He saw the husband and wife smooch, so he took his binky out of his mouth, and smooched his hand a couple of times.  He makes me laugh.

As for his binky, he pretty much only uses it during nap time, bed time, and in the car.  We're trying to slowly wean him from that habit.  It's going to be hard to get rid of it completely- he's very attached to his binky, and his silky blankets. As for a bottle he's pretty much done with it.  Occasionally he asks for one, and so we give in (or we get desperate at nap time, and a bottle still helps him fall asleep).  I didn't see what the hurry was to yank it away at 1 yr. as recommended.  He eats well, can drink out of a normal cup, and when he wants a bottle, I figure he's getting more milk, and more calcium.  So what's the harm?  None in my opinion.

He's starting to develop those odd fears that kids do- totally irrational.
One of his fears is of this thing. . .
Kind of humorous, but sad at the same time.  He got this Santa ball in his Christmas stocking (which I thought he would dig because he loves balls), and it freaked him out when he reached in his stocking and felt this jelly ball with tentacles.  Since then, the fear hasn't subsided, and I mean, true fear.  He runs from it with a look of total panic on his face.
Brent was feeling mean (maybe desperate is a better word) and used it as a booby trap one night to prevent Brody from trying to escape bed-time by stationing it by the door.  I came in later, and tripped over it as I opened the door, and quietly had to chuckle. As for bed-time, he's become a stinker when it comes to this.
Speaking of, it's 10:00 pm, and I can still hear him chatting in the bedroom while Brent is trying to "sshhh" him, and reason him in to staying in bed. 
Yes, Brody is back in our bed full time.  He used to start out in his bed, and then would awaken, and end up in ours.  Now he refuses to lay down in his bed at all, or even go in his room at bedtime. This started after he was sick with croup mid-December, when Brent and I spent three nights in a row, up ALL night taking turns holding him in the rocking chair next to the humidifier, or walking the house, or standing in front of the screen door rocking him (supposedly the cool air is supposed to help).  It was awful, by the way.  I didn't know croup could be so terrible, and scary--it's sad to hear your 1 1/2 year old struggle to breath, see him panic when he can't catch his breath (I relate it to trying to breathe through a straw), and hear his horrible barky cough (it literally sounded like a seal barking).  One ER visit, steroids, antibiotics (there was worry it was developing into pneumonia),a visit to the dr.'s office, and a weeks worth of nebulizer breathing treatments, and Brody was finally back to his normal self.  Yuck, I hate it when he gets sick.
Back to the not sleeping in his own bed thing. . .
I know, we're bigger than he is, and some people say we should lay down the law, and make him sleep in his own bed, and we've actually tried to let him "cry it out", but that just ended up really sad, and a big mess.  He's the kid that when he cries for an extended period, he gets all "mucous-y," and then gags and throws up. Yep, and that's what happened. Sorry for the gross details. 
We've also accidentally let him "cry it out" when the batteries to the baby monitor went dead.  The next morning (early) when we realized we didn't hear him, and went to check on him, our persistent little boy was still standing in his crib, half asleep, swaying, legs buckling, his hands with a death grip on on the side of the crib, and his shirt soaked from tears.  SAD.  We don't have the heart to MAKE him stay in his own bed, and truthfully we don't totally mind it.  We sort of like having him snuggled next to us- we waited long enough for him, so we might as well spoil him a little. We just need a bigger bed.

Another ridiculous fear of Brody's is lint, or floaties in the bath tub.  You know, like sock lint from between his toes.  He FREAKS out about it, and screams, hugs my neck, and tries to climb out of the tub, away from the scary floaties.  I try to de-lint his toes prior to getting him in the tub, and scoop out any that may end up there anyway.  I've tried bubbles to camouflage any "floaties," but none of these work. If he spots even the tiniest thing in the tub, he's done.  I'm even going to have to get a new rubber bath mat for the tub (since he insists on standing up the majority of his bath) because it has tiny tears in a couple spots that resemble a floaty. Oh boy, I have no words. All I can say is kids are funny creatures.

He's full of mischief, and tests the limits.  All boy.  We love him, and it's hard to get mad at that face, but we realize that consistency is important at this stage so we try to "stick with it."

He's still a good eater, but is becoming a little more hesitant at trying new things.  We used to be able to put anything in front of him, and he would go for it.  Now, he gingerly tastes something new, and is starting to refuse a few things.  Some of his favorites are: cottage cheese, cheese, popsicles, pancakes, french toast, most fruits and vegetables, chicken nuggets, lasagna, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, but he's not much of a meat, or bread guy.
One day, I was eating a bowl of shredded wheat cereal, and he insisted on trying some.  I was pretty certain he wouldn't like it, but he was insistent so I gave him a bite.  He chewed it for a few seconds, then pulled a funny face, leaned back over my bowl, and spit it back in!- Delish!!

He's (usually) very good at picking up his toys when we ask him to. 
If Brent, or I get in the shower, and happen to leave our dirty clothes on the floor, by the time we get out Brody has picked them up, and disposed of them in the dirty clothes hamper.  Such a good helper!

We're getting ready to start thinking about potty training.  We have all the necessary paraphernalia, and I guess we're just waiting for a good time to give it a try.  A few nights ago after Brody's bath, we didn't have a diaper in the bathroom, so Brody and I ran across the hall to his bedroom to get one.  While I was getting his PJ's and diaper, I heard splashing on the carpet behind me.  Sure enough Brody was peeing on the floor, with a perplexed look on his face, just watching, wondering what was going on.

Brody loves to laugh, and is finding his sense of humor. 
Too bad Brent has taught him that farting is humorous.  Ok, it is a little when it's Brody, just not so much when the BIG boy does it. 
This weekend Brody woke up one morning, and ripped one in bed. . . and he thought it was hilarious.
 He often gets the giggles, and then we all get the giggles just listening to him.

The only thing I would change is to slow down time.  It's going by waaay to fast, and I wish I could push pause.  I love being a mom, Brody's mom.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aunt Inez

On January 6, an angel returned Home.  Her mission here on earth was complete. The world is a bit more sad without her, but she was needed for bigger, and better things. 

(Inez Elna Teuscher Zeller 9-19-19 to 1-6-12)

"Aunt I-ness," or "Aunt Iney," or "Auntie I" (she had many names we used to refer to her) was my grandmother's sister (Mom's side). She didn't have children of her own so we adopted her. . . or she adopted us.  Which ever way it was, it was mutual.  We all loved her.  In fact, everyone who met her loved her, she made friends easily.  I'm going to miss that unbridled, contagious laugh of hers.  She had such a sense of humor, and was always quick to laugh.  She was fun, and witty.  She could keep up with the best of my dad's razzing, and always had a comeback.  She lost her husband, Hank, way too early (1970), never remarried, and was alone for too many years.  But this didn't slow her down, or give her cause to mope.  She amazed me with her endless energy, and zest for life.  If this tells you anything, she played on a bowling league well into her 80's!  I also loved how she would get so fired up watching the Utah Jazz. She was very social, and loved to socialize with her friends, and sisters.

My favorite---Aunt Inez lived just blocks from Grandma, and Grandpa's house, and would bring the newspaper over to them every morning.  There wasn't a door bell at their back door, so each morning she would let herself in and yell, "yooou hoooo" in a melodic way.  I can hear it now, and it makes me smile.
I have good memories of sitting on Grandma and Grandpa's back porch with Aunt Inez, Mel, Mom, the cousins, and my Aunt Nancy snapping beans, and shelling peas from their gigantic garden for what seemed like hours.  Our fingers would be green, and our bellies sick from eating too many peas. Grandma always warned us not too eat to many, but they were so good.

I can remember her, and Grandma, and Grandpa coming to see us in Pocatello often.  We would usually go to the mall and do some shopping, and I remember her always going to ZCMI to buy Este Lauder perfume.  She enjoyed nice things, her hair was always "put up" perfectly, her lipstick on, and adorned with bling!  "Classy" is a good word to describe her.  She loved jewelry, and had quite the collection.  At the same time she was generous, kind, caring, and extremely thoughtful.  After Grandma died, she would check on Grandpa twice each day, and call to check on him before bed. (I'm sure Grandma appreciated her for that). She was right by Grandma's side when she was sick with cancer, and I have recently learned she sometimes stayed the night to be there for her.
She was a worrier.  Just like Grandma.  Just like me-- I know where I get it.

I remember taking a trip with her and Grandma, Mom, and Melanie to Salt Lake City to see the Christmas lights on Temple Square.  Anytime Grandma, and Inez were together, you can bet there was MUCH laughter, and story telling.  On this trip we laughed so hard our guts hurt as we listened to them telling stories about their childhood (I wish we'd recorded it). I loved hearing them tell stories about their father (my great-grandpa), and how musical he was, and how he would often play some sort of musical instrument, and have a dance with all 8 of her siblings, and and mother in their living room.  I loved listening to her, and Grandma imitate their father getting upset, (which was rare because they always talked about how kind, and gentle of a man he was) and cussing with his Swiss accent, "Dunder Vater!" (I still don't know what that means.)

(Temple Square 1997- Wow, Mel and I were rockin' the 90's hair and stonewashed jeans!) 

(Both of them despised having their picture taken.  I can hear Grandma saying with disgust, "Oh, I take a terrible picture!"  That's what the look on her face is saying  I miss her too).

It makes me sad that she's gone.  That I don't get to hear her laugh, or her boisterous voice anymore.  It makes me sad to know she's the last of my grandma's generation, and the last reason for me to visit that little town of Montpelier that I love, which holds so many good memories.  But it makes me smile to think of the blissful reunion in Heaven with Grandma (I bet they're having quite the party), and with her sweetheart, and all her loved ones.  I know she's earned her place 1st in line for heaven.  She was an incredible woman who was stalwart, worthy, and steadfast (I don't believe she ever did anything wrong in all of her 92 years).  She lived a life to be proud of. 
We'll miss you Aunt Iney.
Aunt Inez's 90th Birthday Celebration.  Above: Mel, Lauren, Landon, Aunt Inez, Me, Jason, and Nathan.
Below: Mom, and Aunt Nancy with Aunt Iney.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas + Family + Grandma and Grandpa's House = FUN

While we were at my parents' for Christmas we took advantage of what little snow we had in the yard and did some sledding, and snow man building.
They live in a hilly (is that a word?) area, and while growing up we used to ski down the driveway, and sled all around our house. Our favorite sledding location which was just across the gully, the so called "bunny hill," no longer exists- someone had to spoil it by building a house on top.
There was barely enough snow to make do, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Landon demonstrating how his new snow ball launcher works.

Building the snow man was a group effort.

We borrowed one of Grandpa's old hats, and Grandma's scarf to top him off, and I think he turned out pretty cute.

Later that week we attempted to take Brody to his first movie at the theatre, the Chipmunks movie, "Chipwrecked."
It didn't go as well as planned.  We lasted about 30 minutes, and then decided it was time to go-- Brody became more interested in standing, and bounding on the seat, kicking the seats in front of him, attempting to wander down the row of seats adjacent to us, and spilling popcorn everywhere.  I had hoped that with it being dark and all, he would sit still and not want to do all of the above things.  Ha! It was a nice thought.  Maybe next year. . .

One evening, Grandpa entertained us, and put on a magic show.  He had some tricks up his sleeve that fooled Nate, Landon, and Lauren, and others that they were too smart for.  It was funny to watch their faces.

The cousins.
There's no place as good as Grandma and Grandpa's place,
and there's no place like home.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

Another Christmas has come and gone, and we as a family had a wonderful one.
We're thankful not only for the blessings we enjoy during this time of year, but all year long.  We truly have been blessed.

For Christmas, we packed our bags and headed to my parent's house to spend the holidays with them, and the rest of my family.  We left Christmas Eve, and came home the following Thursday.
And we packed up the most important thing of all. . .
 Christmas morning we got up early, got ready, and went to my parent's church. 
We didn't hear any complaints about not opening presents first, since Brody is still to young to get the jest of things, but next year might be a different story.
 After church, the craziness began.
Brody loved tearing the paper off the gifts, and this year he was also excited to see what was inside!

 My brother Steve, and his girlfriend, Sue.
Steve's working in Washington, but was able to be home for a couple of weeks for Christmas!
 Here's Grandpa checking out his gifts.
 Steve and Sue got Brody a horse that you fill with air, and can punch and wrestle around with (good for a 2-year-old boy with gobs of energy).  Steve blew it up, and we worried that he would need CPR afterwards.  He must be full of a lot of hot air.
 They also gave him a Sit and Spin (I used to love those things), but this was Brody's reaction to it.  For some reason, he refused to sit on it.  Gotta love a toddler's random irrationality.

 Brody's first candy cane experience.  Yum, they're good!
 Sue must think Steve's a pretty special gift.
 My sister, and her family joined us the day after Christmas.  Lauren brought her new "Fur Real" dog, and Brody reeaally liked it.  He's obsessed with dogs, even fake ones.

 Brent was able to spend a few days in Pocatello with us, but then he had to head back to work.  This is his busiest time of year with calving season and all.  Brody and I stayed behind, and hung out with the family for a few more days.
 One night we did a white elephant gift exchange. Nate became the proud owner of an ugly fish vase.  He was less than thrilled, but tried really hard not to let it show on his face.
 Grandpa got a kick out of Nate's reaction, so did the rest of us.
 Brody opened a little bag that said, "You've Been Naughty."  Inside were two lumps of coal!
How cruel!  (Really, he couldn't have been more thrilled with his gift.  He still carries this little bag with the two lumps of coal inside around the house.)
 He looked a little defeated by his gift.
 Naughty isn't the word I would've used to describe him that night.  More like, tired.  He was worn out from all the excitement, and lack of a decent nap.

Here's everyone proudly showing their gifts.  Landon: fish oil, eggs, and some putty. Jason: a brick of cheese. Nathan ended up with candy- score!  Melanie: lip gloss, and candy. Lauren: freezer pops.  Sue: Hamburger Helper, a dog bone, and dog brush. Steve: Old Spice body wash. Dad: a neck pillow, and  Mom: ended up with the ugly fish vase.

Later on, Landon and Lauren gave us a piano concert of Christmas songs they had learned.  And of course, Brody played us a few tunes as well.

 Every day that Landon, and Lauren practiced the piano, Brody did too.  He's such a big boy, and wants to do everything the big kids do.
 Getting ready to take a group photo. This one makes me laugh.

 Love my family!!