Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a super fun Halloween weekend with the family.  We went to my parent's house with my sister and her family. 
Such a cute little jack-o-lantern baby!
My dad put together a "Halloween Land" for the kids. He was careful not to call it a "haunted house" because he knew that would freak out my sister's triplets.  When we first got to their house he met us at the door with a bowl of "pig's eyeballs."  (eye gumballs).  Nate, Landy, and Lauren wouldn't have anything to do with eating a pig's eyeball, even after we told them it was really gum, and after watching each one of us harmlessly pop one into our mouths.  They're hilarious!
Then we went into the kitchen where my dad made magic witch's brew drinks.  We each got to choose the color of our drink.  My sister and I were his assistants.  We held up a blanket so the kids couldn't see my dad adding food coloring to the Sprite.  He let out his secret at the end.
Jason and Nate showing their witch's brew.
Brody, of course, didn't understand what was going on, but could sense the excitement and was all hyped- up! 
Then, my dad had set up a little haunted house upstairs in the master bathroom/ bedroom.  When the kids asked what the sign said above the door, his reply was, "Welcome little children!"  Nate was still scared to enter, and his poor little legs were literally trembling.  After he went through it the first time, he was okay with it, and went through about 20 more times! 

Lauren, Landon, and Nate were completely worn out after the fun weekend.
And so was the littlest one.
Cutest monkey ever.  We chose a monkey costume for Brody this year.  After all, he probably thinks monkey is his name, as we often call him "monkey."

Being a monkey isn't all it's cracked up to be.  He was done with the monkey business. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Boy

Did I mention how much I LOVE this boy?
When I'm trying to get Brody to sleep, singing to him usually does the trick.  He loves it, and snuggles right in and goes to sleep.  I ran out of new songs to sing, and got tired of singing the same ones over and over again, so I made one up just for Brody.  It's super corny, but Brody loves it (and he even still loves me after having to hear me sing)!  It goes to the tune of  "You Are My Sunshine."  (Still working on a 2nd verse).

You are my Brody,
My only Brody
You make me Happy each and every day
You'll always know dear how much I love you
I'm so glad that you are my boy.

How ridiculous is THAT!?

Weekend With Grandma and Grandpa

A few weeks ago, we went to visit Grandma, and Grandpa for the weekend.  They will be leaving for Arizona for the winter soon, so we decided to go and spend some time with them.

Grandma was telling Brody secrets!  Every time my mom would whisper in his ear, this cute smile would spread across his face!
Playing peak-a-boo with Grandpa.  Can you see the anticipation on Brody's face?
The weather was perfect, so we went out in the yard to enjoy it.  Brody was laying down in the grass playing, and when I went to pick him up I felt something wet, and slimy under his arm.  I thought, "How did spit-up get under there?"  So I looked, and lo and behold it was a disgusting earthworm hanging out of his armpit!  It surprised me, and I screamed (just a little).  Grandma rescued Brody from the earthworm, and pulled it out of his shirt.  Ew yuck!
While we did clean-up in the kitchen, Brody entertained himself in . . . the laundry basket!  He's such a good, easy-going, HAPPY baby.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

6 Month Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago, a photographer friend (Amy) came over to our house to take some pics of our Brody.  They turned out super cute.
Take a peak.
Baby Buckaroo.  This is one of my favorites. 

What a handsome lil' cowboy!
This one should make your day, or at least make you smile.

Love those baby blues.
Daddy's hat. Oh, and those chubby cheeks--I could just nibble on him.

Such a sweet babe.  We love him sooooo much!!
Photography by AMY NIELSON