Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daddy n Me

Best pals!  They are so cute together.  This morning Brody was rolling around the living room floor, so Brent got down on the floor and was rolling around with him.  They ended up face-to-face, and let me tell ya, they are two peas in a pod!  It's so fun watching them play together.  I think Brody has his daddy wrapped around his little finger.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Father and Son Football Day

One of Brent's favorite pastimes is watching football.  He and Brody were spending some guy, quality time together watching the game.  How cute is that!
Someone got tuckered out, and snoozed through most of the game.  It's okay, Brody, that's how mom watches football too!

Growing up!

Now that Brody is 6 months old, I wanted to (again) do the car seat comparison to compare how big he was at 1 day, 3 months, and now 6 months.  As you can see, he completely fills out his car seat at 6 months, versus the little tiny one day old baby.  I can't believe how fast he's grown. 

1 day old 
3 months
6 months

Here are a few more favorite pictures of our handsome little man.  (I have a lot of catching up to do on our blog.  We were without internet service for a couple of months at home. . . so planning to slowly catch up!)
Brody at 4 months.
5 months old!!
If you can't tell, I love this little news boy cap on him.  It's now too small, and I've been looking for a new one in a bigger size, but  haven't had any luck- darn.  I found this little 1920's looking outfit, and I couldn't resist buying it.  I love it on him, but his daddy thinks otherwise!  He says, "That's not a cowboy hat!"
Yes, he does have a cowboy hat as well, and I'll be posting some pictures soon.  We had a photo shoot yesterday, and we did get some shots of "Cowboy Brody."
I love smooching this charming baby boy!
Those sparkling baby blues. . . ahhhhh.

6 Months Old!

Brody is now six months old, and he is such a delight!! He is a very HAPPY, easy-going baby, and a good sleeper.  He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 6 weeks old!  I know, we're spoiled.  We better knock on wood though, because teething, I'm sure, is just around the corner.  I've heard that it can sometimes rearrange the sleeping pattern.  We'll keep our fingers crossed.  
He is sitting up, and rolling over now, and would desperately like to crawl.  He's not quite strong enough yet, but I'm sure it's not far away. 
Lately, he has a chronic fake cough, and fake laugh.  It's so funny, and super cute.  He's fake coughing in this picture!!  Bad cough!!!