Friday, March 30, 2012

Rancher's Son

Growing up as a rancher's son seems pretty fantastic to Brody.  He loves to go along with his dad to check the cows, tag calves, and do all the things a rancher's boy would do.
This lifestyle appears to be right up Brody's alley.  He L-O-V-E-S to be outside, and around the animals.  Rain, snow, or sunshine, Brody is happiest when he's outside tagging along with his Dad.
Recently, Brody was able to help Brent bottle-feed a newborn calf.  This calf was a twin, and since typically a cow can only feed one calf, it needed someone to substitute until a new mama cow was found. 

Brody was a little hesitant at first, but eventually jumped right in and loved on the new, wet, slimy, baby.
(My instinct was to whisk Brody inside and give him a bath after wallering around in the cow pooh, and slime- yuck)!

Brody always makes sure to stop, and give the dogs a luv, and a talking to.  He typically will bend down to their level and say, "hi dog, hi dog, hi dog" in his cute, high pitched, "animal voice."  (This is also the same voices he uses to talk to babies).

Livin' this life is "A-Okay."