Friday, August 16, 2013

July 2013

July was a super busy, fun-filled month. 
We started off the month with a visit to the cabin the first week of July and celebrated the 4th there.
The week included a parade, kids' activities in the park, visiting the geyser, fireworks, BBQing, a day at Bear Lake, lots of good food and the best part-- family time.

A few days prior to our planned departure, a wild fire started near the cattle range.  Therefore, Brent was on fire duty which meant he missed out on some of the festivities.  He wasn't able to join us until after the 4th.
He had to be near the fire, watching it, and be ready to move cattle, open gates, cut fences, or whatever need be done if the fire moved in on the cattle.
He got a little closer than he was comfortable a few times but they managed to avoid a mass beef BBQ.

The weekend after the 4th, we headed back to Pocatello where Brent and the Weirs joined us and we celebrated my parents' birthday by taking them to dinner, and going to Mystique theater to watch a play ("Who Shot Juanito Bandito?").
We spent the remainder of the weekend hanging out at my parents' and then on Sunday, Jason threw a surprise birthday party for Melanie!

Uncle Jason got creative and crafted home made weapons out of sticks. He made bows and arrows, and sling shots.
The kids thought they were great!!

As a gag gift, my mom resurrected one of Mel's old jackets from the 90's which she had found deep in the closet at the cabin, and re-gifted it to her. Her reaction was priceless.

Later on that month, Brody and his cousins had a slumber party at our house.  Brody has been asking when they are coming to sleep over again since that night.  They had so much fun.

And of course, in July we spent more time in the pool.
Brody is not afraid of anything (except people he doesn't know well) and didn't hesitate to go down the slide you see in the background.  One time he even came flying out face first.  I was at the bottom preparing to catch him, but wasn't prepared to catch his face and he got a few gulps of water before I was able to manhandle him and retrieve him. Silly kid.

Then, we had our town's Pioneer Day Celebration.  We were lucky to have my parents come to join us for the festivities.  I love my family and my favorite time is family time. 

Brody was old enough this year to enter the mutton busting in the kids' rodeo this year and he has been psyched up for months.
As every good contestant does, Brody and Dad sized up the stock before the event began.

After the mutton busting was over, it took several cowboys and some good effort to get the sheep back in the pen where they belonged.  Sheep are most definitely not the smartest animals.
Brody was right in the middle of the action.
Here he is next to Uncle Jared, lending a hand.

Brody got 2 new kitties!
They both had goopy eyes and one of them had an eye which was stuck shut.  Brody took one look at him and said, "That kitty's eye is yost (lost)!!!"

This was in the photo booth at the mall.  Brody saw it and was dying to go inside.
So we did.

His dad would croak!
See exhibit A.

More swimming! . . .
I look at these pictures and have to laugh.
What was I thinking?!!! Poor kid looks ridiculous in that get up!
I am lucky enough to receive plentiful hand-me-downs from my sisters' triplets.  This functional, yet outlandish floaty suit happens to be one.
I thought, why not?  It'll probably be less bulky and easier to maneuver around in than a life jacket.
So I put it on him . . . and for some reason I let him go in public.
Oh well, good thing he's only 3 and didn't have a care in the world about his incredible outfit!
Almost like a speedo/ bike shorts combo with a marshmallow on top!

A sample of Brody's photography skills.

Getting warmed up after swimming in the chilly water.