Saturday, May 31, 2014

Growing So Fast

There's just something about a sleeping baby.

And a smiley baby is just as good.
At 2 MONTHS,  Ryker is a smiling champ and is proving to be a mellow, good-natured, happy baby.

He's starting to fill out, and loose his newborn hair.

Even though it's a month past Christmas, at the mention of picture taking, Brody is all over the Santa hat.

My favorite crew.

The winter months seem long, and Brody gets a little stir crazy (along with the rest of us).  We had a few decently warm days (so to speak) in January, so we took advantage and went to the park to work out some energy.

And on the not-so-warm days, Brody would go with Brent to feed, or check the cows.
We didn't get a whole lot of snow, but managed to build at least one snow man.