Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look Alikes

Brody most definitely resembles his BIRTH families.
And I LOVE that.  I really think it's Great!
(He's for sure the most handsome little one-year-old boy I know.)
In actuality, it's a big relief not to worry about Brody inheriting our (mine and Brent's) quirky traits, or our funny looks.  ; )
(We can blame it on someone else.  Ha ha- sorry birth families.)
I also love that with adoption it's like a big wonderful surprise.  Like opening a present, getting to see what he's going to look like, and be like.
Let me tell ya, we got a perfect little boy. . .

However, a while back we were at my parent's, and my mom and I were looking through a box of her old pictures.  As we were looking at her baby pictures we became amused by what we noticed. . .
Somehow, some way, Brody resembles his Grandma Karen (my mom) in many ways.
Take a look for yourself. . .

The same sparkling blue eyes (though you can't tell from my mom's baby picture- it's black and white).
The same sparse, blond tuft of hair on top.
My favorite-- the same tucked under bottom lip.

How is that possible?  We don't share any DNA. . .
A match made in heaven.
But to tell you the truth, I couldn't imagine loving him more, or less just because he does, or doesn't look like us.  It's just an added bonus, I guess.
It wouldn't matter if he were green, or brown, with blue hair, and purple eyes.
He'd still be MINE!
We love him.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thankful To Live in the USA

We had a busy, fun-filled Fourth of July weekend filled with lots of friends, plenty of food, and a little R & R.

Saturday night we went up to Hawker's ranch bunk house for a weenie roast.  It was fun to sit and chat with our friends, and get caught up.  However, we didn't do much sitting-- Brody had other plans.  Boy is he BUSY.   Brent and I took turns chasing Brody all evening until we became worn out and decided to call it a night.  He was back and forth, up and down (he's a climber now), in and out, and everywhere.

He found another kids sling shot and toted it around while he walked through the bunk house as if he owned the place.  I think Brent was approaching the "worn out" phase by now. . .

Stopped long enough to re-hydrate with a cool drink.

The Hawkers had a wall tent set up which was left over from girls camp.  Brody was amused by going in and out of it, and collapsing against the side of the tent which would then fling him forward. 
Do you like the chocolate on his face?  Maybe that's what caused him to have all that energy.

We felt like we had to watch him like a hawk.  There were so many hazards around (or maybe we're just over paranoid first-time parents)-- there was the creek, the fire pit, the 4 wheeler to climb on, sharp objects (marshmallow roasting sticks), bugs (which he tried to pick up-- ick!).  As I followed him around, I tried to snap some pictures of him- but it was impossible to get any decent ones.  He was SO on the GO!

The next day was a scorcher so Brody cooled off in his MINI Scooby Doo pool.

Then we put on our duds for a little bit of church. . .

Followed by another evening of celebrating with friends-- we barbecued, and watched some fireworks.  Good times--
By then, Brody was starting to feel a little tuckered out which was not all bad.  He sat still.

Our friend Angie and her cute little Kinsley.

Kinsley does this thing she calls her "crazy face"  which she proudly demonstrated  to all of us.  Hilarious, and it looks sort of painful!

The big boys ganged up on the little boys, and put ice down their pants.

I think the big boys had an unfair advantage.  They should pick on someone their own size.

Brody is always up for a Popsicle.

His favorite part was the sparklers.  He oohed and ahhed, and had a gigantic smile (although hidden behind his binky-- he's such a binky boy.  I don't have the heart to take it away-- yet.  I think it's kind of cute.)

Mya tried out the sparklers too!  She's just 4 months older than Brody, so they'll grow up in the same class together in our little town!

Okay son, a little too close for comfort.  Behind the camera, my perception was off, and I couldn't tell how close he really was.  He wanted to do it by himself which was scary (don't worry, we kept him under control).

We finished the night with a fantastic fireworks show.  Brody was scared of them at first, and whimpered and cried after the first few.  But after that he got the hang of them and was glued.  All of the other tiny kids fell asleep well before the fireworks ended (which was after midnight), but not Brody.  He watched every last one.  However, about 2 seconds after we got in the truck to go home he was out.
What more could we ask for after a night of GREAT food, friends, and fun? I can't think of a single thing.

But we still had one more night.  So we had "Papa Dick" over for steak, and a few more fireworks.  Dick is one of our good friends whom Brent has known since he was little.  He's always been there to lend a hand whenever needed, and he and Brody have now become well acquainted.
Don't ask what's with Brent's pants/boots.  I really have no idea.

Brent put on a mini firework show for us.

Then we played some ball.

For some reason Brody felt the need to crawl in the bottom of the stroller.  It was fun until he got stuck.

Brody looks a little confused, but he was excited to see that we had some more sparklers.

I'm not sure what Brent's face means in this picture.  Maybe. . . HOT/ WATCH OUT!

We had a great 4th.  Family time is always the best time!!

And last of all. . . We are so blessed to live in this country.  I kept thinking all weekend long how lucky we  are--  Spoiled, really.  We have so much.
We're lucky to have the freedom we do, and we can't forget those who've fought to earn it for all of us.
And we're thankful we live in the USA.