Friday, May 27, 2011

Those Darn Ears

Brody was one of those unlucky babies who got repetitive ear infections.  He usually had one once a month from about the time he was eight months old.  So this spring, off to the specialist we went.  Getting ear infections that frequently can apparently be a risk for hearing damage, so ear tubes were recommended. . .

On May 27th, Brody underwent a MINOR surgery to place teeny, tiny tubes in his ears.  The procedure was very simple. .  . Done in about 15 minutes.  In reality, it was much harder for his parents than it was for him-- a little traumatic watching him cry as the nurse took him from our arms to the operating room, and again watching him come out of the sedation.  He didn't like the groggy feeling as the anesthetic wore off, and threw a bit of a fit.   But within an hour or so, he was back to his happy, busy self! 
Now, he's a new man.  He hasn't had a single ear infection since.  No more waking up all night, forcing/tricking him to take antibiotics, and no more sad, grumpy days because his ears are bothering him.