Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sisters' Lunch

This weekend, we were able to get together with the majority of the sisters/ sisters-in-law on Brent's side of the family for lunch.  We met up in Pocatello at Ruby Tuesdays to indulge in some food, and good conversation, and we had a great time catching up. I'm lucky to have such great ladies as sisters-in-law, and a wonderful mother-in-law!

Left side, front to back:
Sheena, Suzanne, Julie, Janet

Right side, front to back:
Crystal (holding Cason), Diane (mother-in law), Becky, Jessie.
We missed you, Erica, Trish, Janelle, and Kori!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Willing and Eager Helper

At times, getting anything accomplished is difficult with a 2-year-old who wants my full, and undivided attention.  As long as I give him a task to "help" me, things are much easier.  When I'm doing household chores Brody will follow me around saying, "Help you?" or "Brody help!" 
Yesterday, while I was trying to clean up the kitchen, and sweep and mop, Brody was directly in the way until I gave him some "dishes" to do. Then, while I was cleaning the bathroom, I gave him a spray bottle filled with water (harmless), and a rag, and he eagerly sprayed, and wiped the tile floors down.  I did have to remind the stinker more than once, "No, not on the walls," or "Not at Mom, either!"
Truly, I do love having my little buddy right by my side, things just take a little longer (but I wouldn't trade it).

He was so proud!

Reunion Time

Last weekend, we went to Downata for a family reunion on my mom's side- the Stephens Family.  It had been about 10 years since our last one- after Grandma and Grandpa passed away.
It was fun to see every one, and spend time catching up, eating, and playing.  We swam in the pool (and even got Brent to join us at Brody's persistent request- Brent's not much of a fan of the water).

Brody offered lots of hugs to Lauren again.  There's something about that girl that makes him want to hug her.

There was lots of idle chit-chat going on, which is a must at family reunions, right?

By the end of the day, Brent was tuckered out from all the food, swimming, and hot summer weather.

Brody likes to play "buck off" every chance he can.  He's seen a few rodeos this summer, and likes to mimic the cowboys getting bucked off the horses. He ran around the park pretending to buck off of his horse throughout the reunion.

Here are a few more random pictures my mom took with her phone.
My cousin Shawn, and his boys, Wyatt, and Kaden.

Shara Dawn, Suz, Aunt Nancy .

My cousin Gene's boy, Jason.

Mel, Landon, and Dad.

Damon, Scott, Shara Dawn.

Jason, Mel, Dad, Brent, and Suz

Dad, Shawn, Kaden, Scott.

Mattie, and Aubrey.

Brent, Brody, Suz.

Tiffany, Weston, and Shara Dawn.

Steve, and Sue.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to the Cabin/ Bear Lake/ Rupert Rodeo

Last weekend, we took another trip to the cabin.  We went to the rodeo Thursday evening in Grace during the Caribou County Fair, and also gorged ourselves on yummy fair food.  The next day we drove over to Bear Lake, then Saturday, we got up early to go to the Bar J Wranglers performance, and breakfast.  Later that day we drove towards home to see Brent compete in the team roping at the Rupert Rodeo.  He and his partner had some tough luck, and didn't get a time, but we had fun anyway.

We found our own private island to play on at Bear Lake!

Grandpa helped Brody collect rocks to throw into the water.

Brent waiting, and almost up to rope (red checkered shirt).

Backing his horse in the roping box.

And they're off. . .
 . . . I won't post the next one of Broden missing the head loop. . . ha, ha, ha.

The high light of Brody's night was getting to go down, and sit on Brent's horse with him after they were done roping.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blue Angels Air Show

Last weekend, we went with Kourtney to watch the Blue Angels (U.S. Navy) at the Magic Valley Air Show.
It was pretty spectacular to see, and Brody was fascinated by all of the airplanes- it's so fun taking him on new little adventures.
He even got to walk inside a giant army chopper.

The first part of the show was independent performers.  They had some pretty crazy tricks, and I kept wondering how they did that without crashing.  They did loop-de-do's, and nose dives, and flew upside down. . .

It was a super duper HOT that day-- like 100 degrees hot!  We tried to keep cool with lots of water, and frozen treats.

Brody wandered around looking at the planes in a stupor.
 One of the Blue Angels pilots approached Brody and tried to give him an autographed picture of the planes.  He kept walking, and gave him a sideways look.  So, I collected the picture for him. What a kid!

Lots of snacking took place.
Since this was an all day event, we left for a bit to eat lunch, and cool down in some air conditioning. When we came back, the parking lot we had originally parked in was full, so we were redirected to another parking area that was miles away, and then buses took us to the air show.  However, we had left our chairs there, and they just so happened to be on the opposite end of the show, which was quite a ways away.  Since we had to take a bus, we couldn't take the stroller with us, and Brody wanted to be carried.  It felt like we walked days in that 100 degree weather to get back to our seats.  That evening, both Kourtney and I were sick- we weren't sure if it was because of the heat, or the Cafe Rio we ate for lunch. 

When the Blue Angels performed, I couldn't believe how loud their engines were- but the sound wasn't audible until after they had passed by, if that makes any sense.  A few times they came from behind us, and took us by surprise- Brody about jumped out of his skin, and scrambled to my lap saying, "Get you!" He thought they were after him!
He's been worried about a lot of things "getting him" recently, and I'm not sure where this came from.  At home he worries that "Miney Man"  (Spider Man) is going to get him . . . poor little fella. 
They were really amazing to see, and I was in awe of the skill and technique they demonstrated.  They have thousands, upon thousands of hours perfecting what they do, and it truly is remarkable.