Monday, August 22, 2011

Brent's 4-Wheeler Mishap, and a Little Summer R & R.

On July 25th Brent had a little "whoopsie" while working.  He, and a handful of guys went up Trapper Creek to check some cows that were in an area of heavily dense Lark Spur (a plant that is poisonous to cattle.)  Cows had been dying, so they rode 4-wheelers to scope out the extent of the problem, and to figure out where they need to move the cattle the following day.  They were miles from the road when one of the other guys 4-wheeler broke down.  So Brent hooked onto Mike's 4- wheeler to tow him out. 
They were headed down a hill when Mikes brakes went out completely.  He hit Brent from behind on the back corner of his 4-wheeler, which caused his ride to catapult to the right, while Mike kept going straight (still tied together, mind you).  That's when things got ugly. . .  When the ropes came tight, with two  4-wheelers going opposite directions, you can probably guess what happened.  Brent flipped, and rolled. Then the tow rope broke, and he really went soaring.  He doesn't remember details, he just remembers thinking, "this is going to hurt."
To his surprise he jumped right up (I think to assure himself that he was alive, and ok).  But he quickly discovered he wasn't totally "okay."
He knew his collar bone, and ribs hurt, but was just glad it wasn't his head, neck, or back.
One of the guys who was with them flew out on his 4-wheeler to get to an area with phone service, and called an ambulance and grabbed the closest truck.  He met them on the 4-wheelers, loaded Brent up, and started heading down the mountain. 
They met the ambulance about halfway down (which took HOURS), but Brent was stubborn, and wouldn't get inside (in all fairness it probably wasn't necessary).  However, no one knew for sure how badly he was hurt.
In reality, he was LUCKY. . .
His collar bone was broken (in 4 pieces), and one of his ribs were broken.
Nothing that couldn't be fixed.
So later that week Brent went under the knife, and they put him back together again.

This is him "resting" at home after surgery.
 He now has some extra hardware across his left collar bone- several screws, and a plate.
Shortly after the accident happened, I got a call from one of the other wives saying,
"Brent's okay, but he's been in an accident."
I'm just glad she prefaced it with the "Brent's okay" part, or I think I would've freaked.
I'm glad he's still in one piece, and put all back together now.

One of the hardest things for Brent (and Brody) has been not being able to pick Brody up, and "rough and tumble" with him.
The first few days Brody whined non-stop.  He couldn't figure out why his daddy was ignoring him, and doesn't understand what "hurt" means.
Poor little guy thought he'd lost his best pal.
However, he is merciless and climbs all over Brent if he's in any sort of vulnerable position.

Don't be grossed out.  His incision is wicked and extends the whole length of his collar bone.
Brent claims it doesn't hurt all that bad unless he tries to lift something too heavy, or moves wrong. . . which should be often, since Brent doesn't adhere to doctors orders very well.  He's not supposed to lift over 5 lbs. or do any repetitive motion with his left arm for 8 weeks. 
Not happening.

Brody's always there to offer a kiss or a hug.  He's become such an affectionate little boy the last while, and showers us with hugs and kisses- I love it!

The week following Brent's accident we had planned to go to my parent's cabin.  We decided to go anyway since Brent couldn't do much else at home.  It was perfect, and relaxing for him- a good place to rest and recuperate. 
My dad made the comment as we were leaving -- something like, "Cowboys stay a little longer when they're hurt."
Normally, Brent's anxious to get home and get work done that's waiting for him.

Brody enjoyed chilling on the upstairs deck.

He has a major attachment to his "silky" (needless to say it came along with us to the cabin).  He has 4 or 5 assorted blankets with satin on them because he can't go to sleep without one, or ride in the car without one. 
It started when he was about 9 or 10 months old, and we noticed that he would grasp on to the satin edge of the down-filled blanket on our bed (yes, he often sleeps in our bed. I know, bad habit to start, but too late now).  He loves to hold it with both hands, and feel the satin between his finger tips.  
I think it's adorable.  (I just pray we never forget the "silky" when we go somewhere and need it.)
Oh, how I love this boy.

The wild flowers around the cabin were gorgeous.
We look sorta awkward trying to hold on to, and distract the wild monkey in our arms long enough for a picture.
I've said it before, he's BUSY these days.

Brody was a beach bum at Bear Lake, and loved the sand, the water, basically everything about it.  He didn't want to leave.

Sampling the sand.  I think every kid has to do this at the beach.
 After he got sand in his mouth, and realized it was yucky, he tried to get it out with his sand-covered hands which made it worse, and made him cry. 
Poor little dude.

But that didn't spoil his fun for more than a moment.

The "beach sitters." (My Dad, and Mom n' Brent)

Brody was super cool, and got to sit on Grandpa's lap, and drive the boat.

View of the Blackfoot Reservoir.
We had a great trip.

On a side note, here are some cute/ fun snapshots of Brody. . .
This kid is getting more and more fun each day-- I didn't think it was possible.
Some of my favorite things about him lately:
When you ask him what a dog says, or a cat, horse, cow or any animal- his answer is always the same-- "khkhkhh" 
He L-O-V-E loves animals, and goes nuts when he sees one.  If the dogs are out he showers them with affection: he clobbers them, and lays all over them while hugging their necks, and pulling their hair, poking their eyes out while talking to them in a high pitched voice.
He's such a polite boy-- when he's sitting in his high chair and is offered food, he's sure to say thank you each time.  It comes out sounding more like "do do," or "ah do."  But at least he has the correct # of syllables!
He's starting to pick up words, and mimics us.
The other day I asked him if he wanted a banana, and he said "nana."

When he's relaxed, you can bet his ankles are crossed like this.
He's done this since he was teeny, tiny.

This picture was taken on Mother's Day.  Yep, I'm behind.

He's always game for a nice bubble bath.

Sometimes (rarely) he just gets too sleepy to eat.

He wanted to wear his new life jacket around the house.  I have to hide it, or he'd probably want to wear it all the time.

When we ask him where his tongue is, we promptly get this. . .
 We've learned not to ask him where his nose is because he demonstrates nose picking.

He's always getting in to my things.  He loves to invade my jewelry, and wear a bracelet, or two (oh, and the blow dryer-- I think the cord is his necklace--not a good thing). 

Brody is fascinated by water, and will play in it in any form.  A few weeks ago we were outside, and he wandered around the side of the house, so I followed him.  The sprinkler system was on, and he was caught in the middle.  I figured he would freak out and cry, but instead he had his arms in the air, twirling in circles, and squealing with joy. 
He's quite the dancer too.  About anytime he hears music, he busts a move by putting his arms above his head, and getting his groove on.

He's our handsome little man. Check him out!

And did I mention he's a CLIMBER?
This explains why our house was suddenly so hot.
(That would be the thermostat he's playing with).

Seriously, what did we ever do before him?  Our lives must have been pretty dull!