Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fall 2013

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch with some friends.

 This cutie of ours has learned to write his name.  Well, sorta.  I wrote it on my paper and he copied each letter on his paper as I went.  It's a start and pretty darn cute!!

We took advantage of the mild fall days and spent some time at the park.

And did some cat riding.  Poor kitty.

We experienced the stomach flu for the first time.  Not sure how we escaped it for so long, but I hope it leaves us alone for a very long time.

 These 2 are the snuggliest, cuddliest sleepers.

The weekend before Halloween, my parents threw a Halloween party at their house.  
We played in the leaves, ate yummy food and my dad had plenty of fun, and spooky Halloween activities up his sleeve.
There is a standing joke in our family about "Lightman McQueen."  Nathan used to be obsessed with Lightening McQueen and substituted his own version of the name. 
So, my dad donned a costume in his honor.  Love it!

There were mysterious, spooky sounds coming from the basement.

As you may know, we traditionally have a group theme for our family costumes.
Here we are: Jessie, Woody, and Buzz Light Year from Toy Story (just in case you weren't sure).

Pumped about Halloween.

And finally, since Halloween fell on a work day, we each made tulle skirts and dressed up as witches.

Waaay Behind

I'm extremely behind on my blog and need to get caught up so it's all there when I'm ready to print my 2013 blog book. This is my way of scrapbooking and journaling our family events and memories.  So get ready for picture overload.

These first few pictures were during the summer at the local splash park with the Weirs and Kourtney. . .

Fun and great way to cool off.  We are excited to have the new splash park so close!

We ventured down to the falls in the Twin Falls Canyon.

Our cute little church boy.  I love to see what he has made each week while in nursery (his "class").

Brody likes to practice writing his ABCs and is getting pretty good at it.

We spent lots of time this summer with my family. 
Sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa's with the cousins, and chillaxin'.

Trying to rock the bridge at Centennial Park.

It's not often that our ball of energy gets tuckered out, but on occasion. . . 

Just like Daddy.


Wowzers, check out that open bite.  That's what a binky does. Yikes!
So, we finally got brave enough to ditch the binky.  It wasn't as bad as I anticipated and after a couple of days of occasional fits, he was over it. Had I known how easy it would be, we would have done it WAY sooner. 
The Binky Fairy paid a visit.  We left all of the binkies in a box for her and in trade, she left Brody some fun new toys and treats.

We saved one last binky til the next day, and Brody sent it to the Binky Fairy tied to balloons.

Then there's Cowboy Brody.

Helping Dad shoe horses.

Brody's a photo booth junkie.  Every time he sees one, he insists on going inside and of course, I'll never turn him down.

We went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair with Kourtney, and Brody absolutely loved the rides.

They had an exhibit of a very large pig.  I can't remember now how many pounds it was, but I want to say somewhere around 1200.  Brody took one look and said, "Whoa, that pig's tail is BIG!" 
That's not a tail, folks. 

This year, we had our first Jones reunion with just Brent's siblings and their families.  The first night we went to Steadman's Farm where they have water slides, a zip-line, volleyball and lots of other fun activities.
Jared and Brody went down the slide dozens of times together and Brody loved every second of it.

SIL Sheena, and Tess.

Addie.  Love her face.

Justin and Janelle- Brent's sister.

Crystal and Bryson.

Reagan and Trevor.

Brent and Brody getting ready to go down.

Janelle, Josie, and Natalie.

Brent's brothers, Boyd and Jared, racing.

Terry on the zip-line.

Grandma decided to try out the slide.


Reagan, soaked, but happy.

Crystal, Cason, and Grandma.

Grandpa and Grandma.

Brent's sister, Janet.

Becky (Brent's sister) and Darren playing volleyball with their kids.

Terry and Whitney.

Last, but not least, Lindsay and Natalie taking one more turn down the slide.

Janelle and her cute family.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, a huge wind storm came up and hundreds of tumbleweeds blew across the fields.  It's hard to see in the picture, but that's what all of the brown dots are.