Sunday, November 9, 2014

June 2014

For Father's Day, we went to Pocatello, and then spent the remainder of the weekend at home.

When you can't find a bat, use a broom!

 Ryker boy is starting to sit up (with a little support).

Mr. Uncooperative when it comes to pictures. Oh well, he's still cute.

We took a drive to Almo to eat at the steakhouse.

The end of May, Ryker-Roo hit the 6 month mark. So big and so handsome.  I love these boys.

Brody and one of his best friends. 
Here's a funny story about Brody and his canine friends.
One day, Brody got in trouble for saying something he shouldn't (to be honest, now I can't even remember what he said).
I said, "We don't talk like that.  Who taught you to say that?"
Brody:  "Jessie." (his DOG)
Me:  "Umm, Jessie's a dog, she can't talk."
Brody:  "I go over to her, and I touch her, and bad words go in my mouth, and that's how I say bad words."
Such a creative little stinker anyway!

Ryker's love for kitties and puppies has begun.

June also brought a little tragedy.  Brody was with his dad in Birch Creek checking on the horses.  He loves to throw rocks in the creek and as he was carrying a big rock to the creek, he stumbled and smashed his hand between two rocks.  He came home saying his hand hurt and didn't want to use it much, but we assumed it was maybe bruised.  He awoke in the night crying for several hours, and we then realized it was a little worse than we thought.  We took him to the doctor the next morning, and after some x-rays we were told he had fractured his ring finger.  He spent the next month in this splint.

Cousin time.  Brody is in heaven anytime his cousins come to play.  It's funny, because any time he sees Aunt Mel, Brody asks her, "Where's you friends?"  (meaning her kids, Brody's cousins).

The many faces of our boys.
Ryker was pulling his "I want out of my high chair face" one morning during breakfast, so Brody pulled out all of his best faces.

THE "I want out of my high chair face!"

Yes, paper plates. Don't judge.

We spent much of the summer outdoors, and June was the beginning of our ventures . . . park excursions, swimming, trips to the mountains for a picnic, fishing . . . 

"Picpic" in the living room.

Random picture, but funny.  One morning after I got out of the shower, I found Brody had helped himself to a snack.  It was frozen peas, shredded cheese, and gold fish crackers.

At the end of June, my family went to Lagoon together for a family reunion.  We had a blast.
Brody's face says it all-- he loved it!

Ryker was THE best baby ALL day long at Lagoon.  He is such a mellow, happy, easy-going babe.

Grandpa on his favorite ride!

We had so much fun having our pictures taken at the Old Time photo booth (as you can see though, Brody wanted no part in wearing the get-up).

Love my family, they are truly the best!

Ryker is getting pretty good at the solid foods thing.
He loves cereal puffs, and one day while sitting in his high chair eating them, he had one hanging out of his lips for about five minutes that looked like some nice snaggle teeth.

Art in the Park.

I left for a meeting one evening, and when I came home I was greeted by Brody naked from the waist down with dozens of toys thrown out the back door, skewn all over the lawn.
Umm, Brent?

In June, we had a get-together with these dear friends and their beautiful Marshallese babies.  I'm so lucky to know and be able to associate with them-- they are all amazing, and I'm excited Ryker will grow up knowing these other little ones.

Like father, like son.