Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Family Photos

In June, we had our dear friend and talented photographer, Amy Nielson, take some family pictures.  
We needed some new pictures to update our adoption profile, and (although Brent's opinion differs) it was way past time to capture our family.  To me, pictures are worth a thousand words and are precious memories captured in time.  I never want to forget each stage of our little family.
To Brent, pictures are just plain painful! LOL.
Once again, thank you Amy!  You did a wonderful job and definitely had your work cut out for you.
Here are just a few of my favorites:

May 2013

Let's face it.  I have gotten so behind on my blog that I have put off posting because I knew it would be no small task trying to get caught up.
So here we are-- posting in mass.
This is a look at the month of May in a nutshell.

Each year my mom, sister, niece, and I go on a weekend girls' trip to SLC  for some shopping and TLC:

While eating breakfast at the hotel I admit, I had 2 helpings (as in 2 large helpings) of bacon. 
It was perfectly crisp and delicious and I just couldn't help myself.
What can I say?  I do love bacon!
My sister couldn't resist documenting my bacon gorge.

Memorial Day weekend the Jones clan came to Oakley for our yearly get-together at the cemetery to decorate the graves of Brent's mom, and brothers. 
This year, the guys put up a vinyl decorative fence around the plot to help make it look a little nicer. 

Brody and his cousins found some ant piles, and were fascinated with them.  They threw rocks at them trying to "quish" (squish) them.
I love that Brody has 5 cousins within 8 months of his age.  That's one of the many benefits of having a LARGE family.

Following the cemetery, we went to the park for a pot luck meal and some play time.

 These are just a few pictures I took of our horses during the same weekend, which are on pasture up Birch Creek.
We're getting several new colts this year.

We also spent lots of family time in the back yard playing ball!  Brody is quite the little athlete and loves to get his hands on any sort of ball.

"Keep yer eye on the ball, Sonny."

Our cutie keeps us entertained and amused. 
Lately, he has become our little reminder at each meal to bless the food.
Before we've even had the chance to sit down to eat, he'll say, "Do this." (As he demonstrates folding his arms and bowing his head to pray.)  Sometimes, he even insists that we pray before each course (we pray for the salad, then the main course, then again over the desert!)

He is also often pointing out his "owies" and likes to milk the sympathy.  I don't mind it though because it gives me an extra opportunity to steal a squeeze and a kiss.
On this day, he had a small scrape on the inside of his wrist, but it required a large bandage, lots of sympathy, and some loves.  

I find it amusing that his recent favorite song is:
I agree, it's a good song with pretty music, but it's just funny that my little 3-year-old is so obsessed with a song that, little does he know, is about heartache. 
Some days, as we're driving the 20 miles to Burley he requests to listen to it over, and over again.
I must say, he has an ear for good music and talent!
Sure love this kid,
and his interesting outfit combinations.
See below: his PJs, mittens, and flip-flops!