Sunday, March 24, 2013

Brody's 3rd Birthday-- Part 2

I mentioned earlier that Brody requested Superman for his birthday.  I had fun putting his party together, and in my opinion Brody makes the cutest little super hero ever. 

My parents, in-laws, and my sister and her family came to celebrate Brody's big day.  
We started out with dinner, then played some games, opened presents, and had cake and ice cream-- your typical birthday festivities.  Brody was so wound up with excitement that day which continued through the evening, and he had a hard time wanting to turn off the excitement to go to bed that night!  I'd say he had a pretty good birthday.

Looks to me like someone's cheating. . . hmmm, and we still didn't get it in the right spot!

When it came time to sing "Happy Birthday," Brody got embarrassed and didn't want to blow out his candles.  I can relate, I don't love being the center of attention either. 

While my parents were here, my dad had a tooth bothering him and requested a dental inspection by me-- However, I had an eager assistant who jumped right in to check out his grandpa's teeth. 

I don't know, maybe Brody will follow in my footsteps and pursue a dental career.  
(You can be a cowboy and a dentist you know).

Happy 3rd birthday buddy!
We sure love our little guy!

Brody's 3rd Birthday-- Part 1

How is it even possible I have a 3-year-old?  That sounds so old, and my baby isn't a baby anymore.  It makes me sad that time is going so fast and I wish I could slow it down, but at the same time it's so much fun watching him grow and I love every single day with him.
We spent two weekends in a row celebrating Brody's birthday.  The weekend before his birthday, his birth-parents were in town, and the following weekend, our families celebrated his special day.

We met up with Kourtney and Jordan, Brody's birth-parents, for bowling and pizza.
With an open adoption we are able to get together for events such as this. 
We feel really blessed-- Brody has so many people who love him.

If all else fails, eat your birthday cake with your hands. . .

Jordan gave Brody this handmade airplane which he loved!

Brody's birthday fell on Monday, so we saved the majority of the present opening for that day so it would feel special as well.


To heck with waiting for us to take it out of the box.

Brody had 3 simple request for his birthday:
1- Fire on his cake! (the candles).
2- Superman on his cake.
3- Doggies in his presents. (We settled for a stuffed walking, barking version).
I think we managed to fulfill all of those requests.  

Our Little Ranch Hand

Brody is a true cowboy at heart.  He lives and breathes for the moments when he can be outside with his dad, and the cows, horses, and dogs.  
He's our little ranch hand.

One day, the cows had gotten greedy with the water trough and pushed and shoved one another and the trough until it moved, causing water to go everywhere and creating this mud hole.  
Brent needed to keep the cows away so he could move the trough back under the water source to refill it-- this video shows his finest employees at work: our dogs, Ruger and Cash.  Their job was to chase the cattle away and keep them away. Ruger takes his job seriously, but Cash is still learning.

Brody is fearless, completely fearless, and is always wanting to ride the calves.  This is a video of him riding one of our bottle calves out in the barn.
There are so many things going on in this video that make me laugh.  I love how Brody bobs his head as if he is experiencing some serious bucking action, while spurring his heels.  The calf thinks Brent is his mama, and is trying to find a meal.