Monday, April 18, 2016

April, May, June 2015

The first weekend in April, after my parents returned from Arizona, they came to join us for Easter and to celebrate Brody's 5th birthday! His birthday is March 18th but we wanted to wait a few weeks to party, so they could be there with us.
For Brody's birthday, we celebrated at the fire station. The kids absolutely loved every minute of it. The icing on the cake was a ride in the fire truck at the end.

A few weeks later, Kourtney and her little family were in town and we celebrated Brody's birthday together once more!

In May, we announced to the world that a sibling was on the way in July! We didn't know at that point the gender.
"Ten little fingers, ten little toes, boy or girl? Nobody knows."

I FINALLY got Ryker's name for his room all finished.

At 1 1/2 Ryker is a ham. He keeps a smile on our faces.

Tired church boy.

Brody always keeps life interesting and we love him and his little brother beyond measure.

I climbed in bed one night and felt something cold, wet and hard. 
A surprise left behind in bed by my eldest child.

Deathly afraid of the swing at the park.

World's biggest booger.

We met up with some fellow adoptive families of Marshallese babies at the splash pad and park. The weather had been cool, so we didn't plan on the splash pad part. Plans changed once we got there, so diapers it was.

The boys and I went for a bike ride to the elementary school to play on the play ground. Once we got there, a major thunder and lightening storm appeared. No Bueno!

This boy has some cray-zay hair!

And a cute face even when he's pouting.


"little Brent"

Boating with the cousins.

All ready for baby!! 

This was Brody's thoughtful contribution to the baby's room.

Isn't she gorgeous? We love her and that little baby she is carrying.

Namo and Loriann sent us this picture of Loriann's sister who was adopted as a baby from the Islands. She has been raised in the states and they were recently able to reconnect with her and her adoptive family!
I just love open adoption.

And this is Namo's mother.

Happy Father's Day.
Celebrating Father's Day at my parents.

All ready for his first day of swimming lessons!

Jones Family reunion at Downata Hot Springs

The Jones reunion continued the next day to the hills near Downey.

Love those summer evenings.