Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celebrating 10 YEARS

This week we celebrated our 10th Anniversary!!  Wow, it's hard to believe that magical day was 10 years ago.  How time flies.  It was fun to reflect back on that day together, and reminisce through the years.  It has been an amazing 10 years.
We didn't celebrate the BIG 10 with a dream Hawaiian vacation (for now), or a diamond anniversary band, (or a new roping saddle --per Brent).  We're holding out for something much better.  MUCH, MUCH better. . .
Coming in a few weeks?!

Instead we celebrated by taking a short, overnight trip to SLC for a UTAH JAZZ vs. Los Angeles Clippers game (the Jazz won).  We met up with Brent's brother and his wife for dinner, (Rodizio Brazillian Grill - yum!) and the game. 
This was the first pro game we had seen live, and although Brent probably won't admit it, I think he's an addict now! When I first suggested going he said, "Why would we go to the game when we can watch it on TV?"  Such a logical thinker, but come on, it's much more fun to see it live!  Brent is most definitely a country boy, and will avoid "the city" when at all possible.

Thanks for the fun weekend, my Love!


  1. Oh I'm definitely staying tuned! But I don't want to wait! What is the surprise?!?!?! =o)

    (You don't have to post this if you don't want to.)

    Is that his brother Boyd? I knew him when we were little and my sisters teased me about him because I was so excited he was in my primary class and THEY named my teddy bear after him. So I still have Boyd the teddy bear. Haha, kids are funny.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! How time flies!! You guys still look as good as the day you were married! It sounds like you had an amazing time on your trip. And AHHHHHHH! I'm on the edge of my seat to hear what is coming soon! Oh my gosh, you HAVE to tell me now! lol. Not really. But I pray it's what I hope it is!!

  3. I am going to have to tease Boyd about being a teddy bear :) Thanks for coming with us, we had a great time! I think Brent is full of it...he has a better time than he lets on. I am sure of it! Besides, sometimes husbands just have to go along with things for nothing more than to please us.