Saturday, April 10, 2010

Visits From Our Families

Suzanne's parents, who live in Arizona for the winter, left the morning after Brody was born to come home to Idaho to meet their new grandson.  They stayed the week, and helped us get settled in with our new bundle of joy.  It is great to have them home again, and we loved having them here.

Brent's family came over for a visit also (Dad, Diane, Jared, and Janelle).  They live about an hour away, so we're very lucky to have them so close. 
Pictured with Brody is Brent's step-mom, Diane, and Brent's sister, Janelle.

My sister, Melanie, and her family have been over to visit several times.  We only live 20 miles apart, which I love, and we get to spend lots of time with them.  My brother, Steve, also came to meet Brody and stayed the night.  We love each and every one of our family members.  Thanks for the visits!

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  1. How fun! It's great to see pics of your family! I'm just so happy for you both!