Thursday, October 14, 2010

6 Month Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago, a photographer friend (Amy) came over to our house to take some pics of our Brody.  They turned out super cute.
Take a peak.
Baby Buckaroo.  This is one of my favorites. 

What a handsome lil' cowboy!
This one should make your day, or at least make you smile.

Love those baby blues.
Daddy's hat. Oh, and those chubby cheeks--I could just nibble on him.

Such a sweet babe.  We love him sooooo much!!
Photography by AMY NIELSON


  1. Oh he is so adorable! I love the naked smiling one and the one with the cowboy hat! Such fun pictures!

  2. These really are amazing. Such a variety of perfect ones. He is so adorable. A few of them made me giggle. That's one handsome baby!

  3. I absolutely LOVE them all. He is such a beautiful (handsome) little guy. He looks like a pleasant and fun little fella too. Can't wait to see you guys, hopefully sometime soon!

  4. He seriously is one of the cutest little baby boys I've ever seen!! His smile melts my heart!