Monday, February 28, 2011

Nate, Landon, and Lauren's 6th Birthday

So I'm playing catch up, and posting pictures I missed throughout the year (because someday, I'll get around to printing my blog into a book, and I don't want to have missed anything).  I have a list of posts that I didn't quite get to, but that's when backdating a post comes in handy, so events can still appear in chronological order.

On Feb. 28, 2011 "the triplets" celebrated their 6th birthday! 
These kids are growing like weeds, and it makes me happy to see them grow.  I still remember when these 3 tiny little bodies entered the world 3 months too early, and they fought to stay here.  Now look at them- aren't they awesome!  
We're so proud of them, and we love these kiddos. 
 They immediately went outside to try out their new bikes, and 4- wheeler.  We tried to stay out of the way.  At first, it was a bit of  a hazard for the triplets, AND all of us watching, but pretty soon they got the hang of things.
 Then we played games, of course. That's a must at a 6-year-old's birthday party.
 Uncle Jason and Brody

 This boy looks pooped (and a little cold), but there was still more partying to be had.  So we continued the party inside.
 Love the look he's giving me.

Brody had a grand time playing in the aftermath of the present opening.

 Isn't Uncle Jason funny?!

 Mel and her two birthday boys.

 This is the triplets' cousin Kaylee.
 Brody took a liking to this sweetie. See how he has his eye on her.
 Then he started to move in.
 And went for the bold move-- in for the kiss!
Smooth, Brody, smooth. . .

Brody is such a fun, sweet, and SMART little guy.
At 11 months he's picking up on so much.
We've been trying to teach him sign language (along with watching episodes of  "Baby Signing Time") so he can communicate simple things like "more," "all done,"
"milk," "cracker," etc. . . (The experts say this cuts down on frustration since a baby can't verbally communicate what he wants, but can often do a simple sign.)
We were particularly working on the sign for "more" so Brody could tell us when he wanted more of a certain food, but
Brody outsmarted us, and proved the experts wrong.
He didn't need those mindless signs to tell us when he wanted something.
He simply pointed, and said, "mo."
To heck with signing.  He watched us repeat those silly signs, and probably thought we were crazy.
"I'll just say "more." What's wrong with that?"

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