Monday, April 11, 2011

12 Month Photo Shoot

Recently we had Brody's 1 year pictures taken.  The talented Amy Nielson was our photographer.  Check out her photography blog (
Here are just a few of my faves. . .

Brody wasn't crazy about getting the frosting all over himself and it made him a little bit sad-- he cried.  This surprised me because figured he would dive right in.

Brody is always learning something new.  I swear he changes every day, and it's so fun to watch him discover, and learn new things.  Here are some fun things he's doing at 12 months:

The cutest thing ever-- he is obsessed with anything satin.  He clutches on with both fists to his blanket with a satin edge, or onto his daddy's tie, or anything satin or silky.  I guess he likes the way it feels.  He especially likes to hold on to something satin when he's trying  to go to sleep.  Sooooo CUTE!

He has finally gotten past the stranger anxiety.  Thank goodness!

He has figured out how to open doors- nothing is safe at our house anymore.

He points at everything.  When you carry him around the house, his cute chubby finger is always pointing in one direction or another.  Sometimes he's really pointing at something he wants, and other times he's pointing just to point.

On March 5th, he took 2 or 3 steps.  By March 16th (two days before his birthday), he was fully walking! 

On March 8th, we could feel his lower central incisors had broken through the gums.  Hooray, he got his first two teeth before his first birthday!

His vocabulary is growing. . . a little.  He says:
"Da da,"
 "no no no,"
"dog" (sounds like "da"),
"more" ("mo"),
and "thank you" (it kinda, sorta sounds that way).  
He also says:
"uh oh,"
and "there."

He plays pretty well, and today I watched him leaning over a book, blowing bubbles, while drooling up a storm, and saying "maaaa, maaaaa, maaaaa. . ." repeated over and over for about 5 minutes.  He likes to carry various stuffed animals, or toys around the house and talk gibberish to them (and he uses his hands while he's talking). 

Brody now copies us, and loves to gibber jabber, and talk on his pretend phone.  (He's also obsessed with our cell phones, and house phone, the tv remote, pretty much anything electronic).  He kind of gets in trouble for trying to climb on things to get to the computer, or printer. 
He's a little bit of a stinker when I catch him doing something he knows he's not supposed to.  He'll jump like he's startled, then smile at me, and when I turn back around he's back to doing, or touching what he's not supposed to.  He's starting to learn what "time outs" are. I have a really hard time getting mad at him, and keeping a straight face. He's just too darn cute!

He likes us to read books to him, and I often find him sitting down with a book "reading" it out loud to himself.  Currently his favorite one is a Sesame Beginnings book called, "Bubbles, Bubbles."

He waves bye-bye at everyone, and everything.  Last weekend we were shopping, and he waved each time we exited a store.

Loves puppies.  About a month ago, one of Brent's working cow dogs had puppies.  Everytime Brody is outside, he makes a bee-line over to the puppies.

Sticks his tongue in, and out.  If you ask him where his tongue is, he'll abruptly stick out his little, pointy tongue.

Hmmmm, what else?
In a nutshell, he's just a cute, happy toddler that lights up our days.

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