Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look Alikes

Brody most definitely resembles his BIRTH families.
And I LOVE that.  I really think it's Great!
(He's for sure the most handsome little one-year-old boy I know.)
In actuality, it's a big relief not to worry about Brody inheriting our (mine and Brent's) quirky traits, or our funny looks.  ; )
(We can blame it on someone else.  Ha ha- sorry birth families.)
I also love that with adoption it's like a big wonderful surprise.  Like opening a present, getting to see what he's going to look like, and be like.
Let me tell ya, we got a perfect little boy. . .

However, a while back we were at my parent's, and my mom and I were looking through a box of her old pictures.  As we were looking at her baby pictures we became amused by what we noticed. . .
Somehow, some way, Brody resembles his Grandma Karen (my mom) in many ways.
Take a look for yourself. . .

The same sparkling blue eyes (though you can't tell from my mom's baby picture- it's black and white).
The same sparse, blond tuft of hair on top.
My favorite-- the same tucked under bottom lip.

How is that possible?  We don't share any DNA. . .
A match made in heaven.
But to tell you the truth, I couldn't imagine loving him more, or less just because he does, or doesn't look like us.  It's just an added bonus, I guess.
It wouldn't matter if he were green, or brown, with blue hair, and purple eyes.
He'd still be MINE!
We love him.

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