Thursday, December 22, 2011

Janelle and Justin Forever

The week before Christmas, December 20th to be exact, Brent's little sis tied the knot.
Justin and Janelle were married in the Manti temple, and had a reception the following day in Janelle's hometown.  Then on New Year's Eve they had a reception back east, in Virginia.
Congrats Justin and Janelle!!

Janelle is the second youngest of 15.  Yes, I said 15!
Brent comes from an EXTREMELY LARGE family.  To begin, there were 8 children in Brent's family and from there it grew, and grew AGAIN.
After Brent's wonderful mother passed away from cancer (Brent was in high school at the time), his dad remarried another wonderful woman who had 5 children of her own.  That made 13, but then 2 more kids were added to the clan- Janelle, and finally Jared, the youngest.
Here are some snapshots of a few of Brent's siblings and their families.

 Because of weather, and other circumstances not everyone was able to make it to all of the blessed events at the same time.  With this many of us, sadly it is a rare occasion that we are ALL together.  (After all, there are 50, or is it 60 some odd of us when you add every one up).

Brody was a wild man, and ran crazy in the gym behind the reception all night long.
Brent became a little flustered by all the little kids running wild (I think there were about 20 under age 5 between our family, and the groom's)

Here are about half of the grand kids.  Notice how thrilled Brody is to be in the picture!

(10 of the 12 living siblings, and Justin, the groom, of course!)
 We wish you and Justin the very best, and all the happiness in the world!

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