Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Picasso

These winter months are long, and I've been trying to think of creative activities to keep Brody occupied.  He LOVES being outside, and he'll be so happy when the weather is nice again.
This morning, Brody created a work of art in the bath tub.
See for yourself.
No worries, Brody's creation was done with Crayola Washable Finger Paint.
It cleans up easier than bath paints- even though they are designed for this use, they require a little elbow grease to remove sometimes.  However, the washable finger paint literally wipes right off with a wet cloth(it's also non-toxic).  It was great, Brody loved it, and I loved how easily it cleaned up!

He was so proud.
He didn't like it when he got some paint on his arm.  He stopped and had me wipe it off.

When he was finished painting, we wiped off the paint, rinsed out the tub, and it was bath time!

How does such a sweet, smiling face so quickly turn to this?!

I mentioned in my previous post, how Brody was such a good helper.  He is also obsessed with tools, and we're always catching him standing on his tip-toes trying to reach into the tool drawer (he's also figured out how to slide boxes or stools over to what he's trying to reach now.  Nothing's out of reach anymore).  He likes to pretend he's "fixing" things.  He got the opportunity to help Brent install his new potty seat (which is awesome by the way, because it's a regular toilet seat, with an extra layer- the potty seat, built- in.  This way you don't have to take a regular potty chair off and on, and handle it.  Wow, the things I get excited about these days!)
Anyway, he was eager to help his daddy.

Last weekend was Super Bowl Sunday.  Brody was a sickie, so we had a quiet day at home.  We were planning to have my sister, her husband, and kids over for dinner and to watch the game, but we didn't want to share germs so they took a rain check.   Brody did, however, carry a football around the house most of the afternoon.  He would point to the TV, and say, "ball!!" 

Our sick little boy.
He's now feeling better.  I'll sure be glad when cold and flu season is over.

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