Saturday, April 28, 2012

Brody's Birthday Party, and Easter Weekend

Easter weekend, my parents, my sister and her family, and mother-in-law came for Brody's birthday party.

Lauren, and Grandma.


Aunt Mel, and Nate.

After the food and presents, my dad, and Jason set up an Easter egg hunt outside.

Then it was cake and ice cream, of course.

Our birthday boy spent the rest of his party semi-naked.  It was easier to strip him down to his nothings for cake with all that dye in the frosting that stains forever.  Afterward, he didn't want to get dressed again. Kind of embarrassing and gross to be naked at your own party, but I guess it's ok for a two-year-old.

This next series of pictures makes me laugh.  You can follow along with the story . . .
We sat the cousins down to get a nice picture.
(Nate is still leery of Brody- actually babies, or toddlers in general. Notice him keeping an eye on Brody) .
Started out with them all smiling.

Then Brody snaps his cheek with the elastic on his hat.

Ouch! That hurt.  Brody starts to cry.

Nate starts to cry.  Brody gets concerned.

"Why are you crying?"
 The End. Pictures are over.

Brody got a little cheeky while trying out his new lawn mower.
The funniest part was he had no clue he was being indecent.

The next day Grandma helped Brody outside with his bubble-blowing lawn mower.

Grandma read Brody's birthday cards to him, along with a few stories.  It's so fun to have the grandparents here.

Sunday was Easter, so we got dressed to go to church.

After church we attempted to get a family picture, but someone refused to cooperate.  This was the best we did. . .  Brody had a one track mind because on the way home from church, Brent mentioned to Brody that he could go with him, and Grandpa to check the cows (which were calving), and he wanted to go NOW.

Then we finished the weekend by having Easter dinner at our house.  

We asked Brent to take a picture of us three girls.
But we kept criticizing his picture-taking skills, and made him retake it a few times.
He decided to be a smart-aleck and asked for a picture with my mom, so he could do the same.

Our families are the best.

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  1. That's least he wanted to be in a picture! Good job Brent! Brody is a little cutie pie! Looks like a super fun party!