Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ryker's Newborn Pictures

A few days after we got home from Oklahoma, the talented Amy Nielson came over to take some newborn pictures of Ryker.
His newborn trademark is the wrinkled forehead.  Love it!
For the pictures with him in the stocking, my sister, Melanie, volunteered her husband's stocking.
We had a diaper on Ryker, but while we were shimmying him inside the stocking, it must have come undone, because the inside was nice and wet when I pulled him out of it.
Needless to say, we ended up getting Jason a new stocking.

My mom made this cute hat Ryker is wearing.

I just had to throw this one in there.  It makes me smile.
He was such and adorable newborn.

While I was waiting to get the pictures back from our photographer, I got out my camera and attempted to take some pictures of my own, hoping to get some to put on a Christmas card so I could get them ordered and sent out ASAP.  I wanted my two boys in the pictures, but Brody was NOT interested in the least bit.
This is what I ended up with.  I'm not a professional my any means, but this cute face makes any picture look good!

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  1. Your pictures are amazing! I did the same thing with Mollie and was thankful I ended up having Amy come because mine looked horrible. We took that same photography class but wow, you have figured it out and I still haven't. =) Such a cute little boy to photograph. And he's already so big, you need updates. It's cute how interested he is in everything now.