Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daddy n Me

Best pals!  They are so cute together.  This morning Brody was rolling around the living room floor, so Brent got down on the floor and was rolling around with him.  They ended up face-to-face, and let me tell ya, they are two peas in a pod!  It's so fun watching them play together.  I think Brody has his daddy wrapped around his little finger.


  1. watching them last week I agree! Such a cute picture!

  2. Oh look at him, getting so big! I want them to stay tiny but it's so fun to watch them start playing. Really playing!

    I loved your talk at conference by the way. It was perfect. I've heard a lot of people mention it too - good things they got out of it. Even my beehives. If it was stressful, it paid off. Love you!

  3. I absolutely adore this picture!