Sunday, January 16, 2011

Favorite Time of the Year. . .

Christmas Season 2010
I attempted to take pictures for our Christmas card, but didn't love how they looked (Brody looks adorable, but my photography skills-- not so great).  So I stuck to using a professional photo for the card this year.  Maybe next year I'll have that camera of mine figured out.  Anyways, here's a sample of my attempt.

My sister and her family came over one night for dinner, so we got a picture of the cousins together by the Christmas tree.  Nathan, (in the rocking chair) is scared of Brody, (he has this strange fear of babies that none of us can figure out) so it was torture for him to have to sit this close to Brody (Check out the look on Nate's face!  Maybe he thought if he held reeaallly still, Brody wouldn't notice him.)
Brody, and Lauren

Aunt Mel
We spent Christmas at my parents house, which we normally do each year.  My parents who go south (Arizona) for the winter, make the trek "home" to Idaho for Christmas so they can spend it with all of us-- we're so GLAD!  That's what Christmas is all about. . . FAMILY, and celebrating the birth of our Savior.
T'was the night before Christmas. . .
Brody reminds me of a little elf in this next one- rummaging through all the presents.

Christmas morning.  First things first.  A bottle, then presents.  Looks to me like Brent was sleeping on the job.
Brody got a rocking horse that sings, and whinnies, and makes a galloping sound.  He loves it!
Grandpa's a funny guy!
His kisses are so sweet, but so. . .BRUTAL (and I'm not just saying that, they really are a little painful).  He grabs you by the hair with both fists and pulls, mashes his face into yours, clamps down his jaws with all of his might, and slobbers a gallon of saliva. And they're not quickies either-- you pretty much have to pry him off your face.  After one of Brody's kisses, I feel both loved, and wounded. 
Maybe just a little spoiled.

Brody thought he was one of the big boys, and wanted to try out the drums too.

We all went to church together the day after Christmas to my parent's ward.  Brody was looking dashing in his red Christmas sweater.

Those baby blues get me every time.
Last but not least, our yearly tradition.  I was literally starting to take the tree down, when it dawned on me, we hadn't taken our picture yet in front of the tree this year!  Might sound ridiculous, but I couldn't break the tradition after 10 years, so I grabbed Brent and Brody (just as we were), tried to tame my fro (how I sometimes curse naturally curly hair), and set the timer on the camera.  And this is what you get. . .

ONE word sums up our Christmas.
We are truly grateful for all we have been blessed with this year.  We thank our Father in Heaven, and couldn't ask for more.
 This is our JOY. . .
He was our most desired, cherished gift this year.


  1. well I think your attempts are pretty great! Look at those smiles...what a stud! I am so happy you have little Brody to celebrate with! Kids truly make the season!

  2. That little boy makes me SO happy. I think your pictures turned out great! I loooove the picture with the bow on his head. =o)