Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer Fun

Here's a mish mash of what our summer looked like in a nutshell.  It was filled with a lot of firsts for Brody.  First time swimming, first tastes of those yummy summer foods, like watermelon, and corn on the cob.  Brent got me a new bike, and trailer for my birthday so Brody and I could go for rides in the evenings.
He tested it out first.
 Brody thought the bike trailer was great, and about every time we would go in the garage to get in the car, he would make a bee-line to it and try to climb in.

 Brody spent plenty of time on the lawn mower with Brent or I, but mostly with Brent.  I mowed the lawn when Brent was down with a broken collar bone.
Brody LOVED sitting on the lawn mower, he never tired of it, and would occasionally fall asleep.  I'm a paranoid parent, and made sure he had sunglasses, ear plugs, and a hat on, to hopefully make it a little safer for him.

Corn on the cob became on of his favorites!

 Brody went for several horse rides with his daddy.

We spent several weekends at my parent's house. Brent was napping in their recliner, and just so happened to be holding a doll.  I didn't let the opportunity to capture the moment pass me by.  You never know when I'll need some black mail.
Ahhhh, how sweet. . .

Despite his face in the picture, Brody loved this life jacket, and wanted to wear it around the house the day we bought it.

We took him to the pool in our town to try it out. Brody was very hesitant in the pool to begin with.  He cried a little, and wanted to get out. After Uncle Jason found a ball for him to play with, he was okay with the pool.

 We barbecued a few times in our back yard with the neighbors, and Mel and Jason.

And of course, horse rides were included.


On the hot days, we went "swimming" in the back yard sometimes.

Or cooled off with the hose.

The final few pictures are of a girls day when the office girls, and I went to a place called Kanes Kove on the river in Rupert.
 There's me (the hygienist), Alysn (our office manager), Bea (dental assistant), Tara (receptionist), Kelly (dental assistant).

When we were pulling into the place where we launched our rafts, we first saw water that looked RAPID.  This worried us because our rafts were tiny, dinky little things (which you'll notice in following pictures).  But, luckily we didn't float in these waters, and all was well.

Our float trip started out calm, and relaxing (but cold).  We gossiped, told stories, laughed, and munched on goodies. 

Kelly spotted some cows that had come down to the river to drink, and decided she wanted to try and spank them with her paddle.  She gave us a good laugh.

The wind picked up, and we literally started being blown up stream.  The last hour of our float was exhausting, freezing cold, and wet.  We paddled until our arms wanted to fall off.  I think next year we'll pick a warmer, calmer day. 
Regardless, we still had a fun time!

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