Sunday, October 2, 2011

Girls Night (Freak) Out

Last night, Amanda, Angie, and I went for a girls night out to THE HAUNTED MANSIONS OF ALBION.
This is an old, abandoned, dilapidated college campus that was established back in 1893 which has now been purchased and converted into "your worst nightmare." Ha ha :)
The owners converted 4 of the buildings on campus into haunted mansions.
(A few of the other buildings are being renovated for retreats).
They did an amazing job- it was really well done, and pretty darn believable.
Supposedly, in 2007 an investigation of this place  was conducted to research paranormal activity.
I don't buy all of that garbage, but I do admit that the thought of this while we were there, authenticated the mood.

On the way there in the car we reasoned that since we were grown women. . . it'll be no big thing.   
We've got this.
It'll be fun, and entertaining! Not a big deal.
In actuality, we got a little scared, and a few times we screamed like little girls.
Well, . . . really we screamed until we were HOARSE.
And Angie admitted that she peed herself "just a little."  Hysterical!!
(ignore the date on the picture, it was actually Oct. 1st)

There's just something about the feeling of being in a dark, ominous, daunting place
when someone with their face falling off, carrying a chain saw, or a hatchet comes running up behind you out of nowhere,and it's so dark, and loud, and confusing that you're not even sure where to run because everywhere you turn there's another freak right there in your face.
In all the confusion, I grabbed some woman's boobs on accident.  I have no idea who she was, just someone with our group.
Yeah, it was a little scary-
The tour took us down in the dark, dingy, musty basements, crawling through tunnels, upstairs in the creeky attics, through the old locker rooms, and showers. . . 
all the while not knowing WHO, or WHAT would be around the corner, or chasing you next, or what kind of twisted scene we would see.

When we walked into this old auditorium some creep scared the day lights out of us.
Afterward, Amanda thought she'd be funny and walked up to him and clapped really loudly in his face.
She (and the rest of our group) thought it was pretty funny.
But then his "buddy" (some ghoulish looking thing) got Amanda back, and she screamed louder, and longer than I've ever seen her,
and her instincts kicked in, and she was hitting, and punching the dude at the same time! (Fight or Flight?!)
(I wonder if the employees are trained to be hit, kicked or punched- I'm sure it's happened more than once).

In this room, this yucky looking lady got in our face with her flesh-eating baby.  Yummy.
This baby was nibbling, and tearing flesh off her hand, then lashing out towards us.
Who thinks of these sick, and twisted ideas?

In one of the rooms we walked into, we were all huddled together, not sure which way we were even supposed to go, and anticipating the next scare when I heard someone comment that it smelled like car exhaust.  I had noticed it too.
We soon found out what the smell was. . . chain saw exhaust!
Someone came out of no where with a chain saw chasing us relentlessly.
We finally got outside, and let our guard down a little bit, thinking we were done
 but it just kept on going-- through a straw tunnel, with more creeps after us.
We were there for about 2 hours, and only went through 3 of the 4 buildings.
Afterward, at midnight we went to Perkins for pie/brownie supremes/cheesy fries to take a few moments to recover.
The husbands were nice enough to stay home, and take care of the kiddos-- really I think they were just too wussy to go with us.
We had a great time, but I think next time Angie will vote for a movie night or something like that.
She was the most terrified of the 3 of us.

This place is a must-do if you're up for a Halloween thrill this season!
Definitely worth your money, and you'll never experience anything like it.
(photos courtesy of haunted mansions of albion)

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