Sunday, July 29, 2012

This and That

My blog has been extremely neglected lately, so I'm throwing out a compilation of random pictures, and events.  Some day I'll get caught up again.  But in the meantime. . .

In June, us girls went on our yearly girls' weekend/ shopping extravaganza.  Mom, Mel, Lauren, and I, went to Salt Lake, and Park City, where we shopped, played, ate, and laughed until our guts hurt.

This was at the new City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake, with the temple peaking through.

Some random pictures of Brody-- lately he's taken an interest in dressing up.  While I'm getting ready for the day, he often gets into my headbands, and scarves and puts them all on at once, as he admires himself in the mirror.

He also likes to wear my apron, and says he's wearing a "dress."

 He's quite the artist, and likes to create masterpieces in the tub (with washable paints).

A good artist can even draw while he's lying down.

 Dairy Queen ice cream-- one of our favorite treats.

 Brody is a fantastic date- a few weekends ago, he accompanied us two nights in a row.
One night, at Texas Roadhouse, then to the movie.

We took Brody to the movie Brave, and this was the first movie he has sat through-Yes, the entire thing.  We were impressed, and didn't expect him to last through the whole show. (Partly, he was scared of the bear in the movie, and didn't dare get off mine or Brent's lap).

In the last few weeks, Brody has decided he's a big boy, and won't sit in his high chair for meals.  He's even been refusing to sit in his booster seat.  Part of me still wishes he would sit in his high chair because it's less mess to clean up.

This boy of ours, makes us happy. I could gobble him up.

Brody still insists on wearing a hat 90% of the time- mostly when we're leaving the house to go somewhere.  I think he looks pretty darn cute in a hat.

Last, but not least, it's been a horrible fire year so far.  This fire was on the pasture that we keep our horses on during the summer.  Brent went up to move his horses, and help the neighbor get his cows out of harms way.  They got a too close view of the flames a few times, but all was well.  We didn't loose any horses in the fire, however, a few of them ran through the barb wire fence and cut themselves.  
Praying for rain.

The end of June there was a fire in Pocatello- the Mink Creek area.  The fire stopped about 1/2 mile from my parents place, however, 66 homes were lost. 

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