Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scattering Salt

Today was "take your wife, and son to work day" for Brent.  We went along with him to scatter salt for the cows.  Salt is a necessary part of a cow's diet, and also when their need for salt is fulfilled, it deters them from many poisonous plants which typically have a salty taste.

Brent loaded the 50 lb. blocks of salt one by one into the back of the ranger.

About 10 minutes into our ride to the top of the mountain, Brody's head started bobbing.  I couldn't understand how someone could sleep through that bumpy, rocky, jolting, hot, dusty, ride, but Brody didn't seem to have trouble.

He was out for a good hour.

We were on top of the world!

Ruger, our dog, thought it was hot and, took a dip in the cow's watering hole.  It was smelly and slimy, and I didn't think it looked very inviting no matter how hot it was.
Brody has gotten to be so much fun, and easy to take along to do things. He's also very enthusiastic about being included in everything we do. 

Here's a view of our little town.

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