Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween Party Time

Just before my parents left for Arizona, our family got together at their house for a Halloween Party.  
Steve, and Sue started the party when they arrived with their stellar Trekkie costumes.

Everyone came with their costumes, but the little kids tried on parts, and pieces to everyone else's costumes as well.  I think Brody sampled pieces from about everyone.
My dad was prepared with several costumes, and rotated through them throughout the night.
Landon's bushy eyebrows are complimentary of my dad's collection of costumes.

Brody started out as a lion.

My dad put together a haunted house upstairs, and haunted pit that took us into the downstairs storage space.
The 3 older kids were chicken, and made their 2-yr.-old cousin go into the haunted house first!
Brody wasn't afraid.

And the Academy goes to. . . 
This is Mel's best scary face.

"The Pit" included "rat city," feeling brains, and eyeballs in your hands, booby traps, and scary noises.
Grandpa is the most creative, spooky, coolest guy around.

Brody is checking out rat city which was down in the crawl space.

Of course, we ate tons of Halloweenie food, and Grandpa made witches brew drinks.

The following day, the kiddos played some games.

And Brody tried on some more pieces to others' costumes he'd missed the day before!

Last, but not least, pumpkin carving!
In my opinion, the holidays are best celebrated with loved ones.

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