Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I was looking back at Easter pictures through the years and put together a collage of our cutie.
Here's Brody in his Easter duds at 2 weeks, 1 year, 2 years, and 3-years-old. So handsome!

We started off Easter weekend at my parents', and my sister and her kids were visiting as well. 
Brody had such a fun time dyeing Easter eggs with his cousins.

Saturday afternoon, we did some shopping and ran into the Easter Bunny.  
Brody was uncomfortable with him being so close and refused to even look at him, but he did take an Easter egg filled with candy. 

Easter morning started with some fun surprises left by the Easter Bunny.

Then it was time for church.  I loved Brody's comment about his bow-tie-- he thought it was a bone.  Makes perfect sense to wear a bone around your neck on Easter!

This is a video of Brody's hunt for Easter eggs after church.

And now the reason we celebrate Easter.  It's about Him.
I am so incredibly humbled, and grateful for all of the suffering, and sacrifice He endured on our behalf.  He suffered and died for each one of us individually and out of pure love for us-- as our Brother. He knows and loves each one of us. I know this to be true.
He also knows and perfectly understands our pain, suffering, and the trials we may go through because He has felt all of those same feelings. 
As a result of his inconceivable pain and sacrifice, our imperfections can and will be forgiven so that we may return to live with our Savior, our Heavenly Father, and our families eternally.  
He was risen. . .
and as a result, we will be too.

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  1. What a handsome little man! I love the picture where the two of you match. :)