Saturday, April 6, 2013


A couple of weeks ago Brody, and I, went on an overnight trip to Salt Lake with some friends.  We left Monday night and stayed in a hotel (Brody called it a castle), then we spent all day Tuesday exploring and having fun.
We started out in Thanksgiving Point at the dinosaur museum.  Here, the kids walked through caves, looked at ginormous dinosaur bones, dug for fossils in the sand, and watched a 3D movie.
Brody thought he was one of the big kids and joined right in with whatever they were doing.  
Mallory was so sweet to Brody and watched over him, and was sure to include him in everything.
 This picture was at McDonalds in the play area-- Mallory was in Brody's way, apparently, so Brody just took care of business and climbed over the obstacle.

Brody, Mallory, Trey, Porter.

And he's off. . . 

Later on, we went to the Children's Discovery Museum at the Gateway Mall.
There was endless fun to be had here, and endless germs. . . 
The germ freak in me was going crazy thinking of all the germs we were encountering.  First, McDonalds play area, then the hands-on activities at the dinosaur museum, next the hands-on stuff at the Children's Museum.  Total germ infestation!  
However, I'm happy to report that we survived and didn't even get sick after all.  
Prayers are answered! Lol.

Doesn't Brody make the cutest, AND happiest little cashier ever?  There was a pretend grocery store where the kids could push around a shopping cart and "shop," or they could even work at the grocery store and check groceries.

Next, we hit Build-A-Bear and Brody was tuckered out by then.

The kids were thrilled with their new animals.  
You may have noticed an extra little person-- we picked up Alysn's niece who lives in SLC and she was the cutest little thing.
After that day, I had a new found respect for people with lots of kids.  
Keeping track of 5 kiddos (and keeping 5 kids happy at all times) in all of those busy places was exhausting!

On the way home, Brody and Mallory tried their photography skills and this was the result. . . 

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