Saturday, September 27, 2014

April 2014

 Since I'm extremely behind, I'm resorting to posting a month at a time.
Here are the happenings for April in a nutshell.

Brody felt the need to revert back to sleeping in a crib. . . Ryker's crib in the boys' room.  (Ryker sleeps in a crib in our room for the time being).
It only lasted a few nights though.

Our smiley, happy baby is growing at lightning speed it seems.

In April, our little super hero had to have surgery to remove his tonsils, adenoids, and take one ear tube out.  The other ear tube fell out on its own, but since the 2nd one had been in for over 2 years, the Dr. decided to take it out while Brody was under anesthesia for his tonsillectomy.
 As parents, we were more apprehensive about the surgery than Brody was- he obviously had no clue what was about to go on. He only knew he was somewhere he didn't want to be because strangers were talking to him, and touching him (not OK in Brody's book). 
Brody had GIANT tonsils-- literally huge balls that looked as if they blocked his entire throat.  He would have apnea at night-- episodes where he would stop breathing momentarily, then wake up kicking, confused, and mad.  The only remedy was to remove those suckers, no matter how much we would have rather avoided sending our child under anesthesia. 
When Brody came out of the anesthesia, he was "madder than a mashed cat."
Brent and I, were waiting in his recovery room for him to come out of the surgical suite, and could hear him crying and yelling,
He wouldn't stay in the bed to let them wheel him to his room, and he wouldn't let them carry him.
He was insistent on walking out, and didn't want any help either.  However, his little sea legs couldn't hold him up, and he was stumbling, and dizzy. 
The poor nurses finally got our distraught little guy to us, and then he got sick.
It was a real fun time.
As soon as he was safe in his dads arms, he passed out again, and continued to drift in and out while intermittently shoving his fingers up his nose.  The nurse told us the anesthesia can make your nose itch like crazy!
When we got home, the real battle began. The post-op nurses stressed the importance of not letting pain meds lapse, but Brody wanted no part of taking any pain reliever.  We tried hiding it in pudding, milkshakes, pop, his favorite foods, but he could always sniff it out, and refused it.
We tried bribing, reasoning, sympathizing, and even resorted to the "hold 'em down, and plug 'er nose."  It didn't work, the little stinker managed to spew it out like a fountain.  It was brutal for us and for him.
Strong-willed he is.  We will channel that strong will into something amazing one day. 
He had a rough few days, but was back to feeling like normal within no time.
(This photo was before he was taken back to the OR- he refused to put on the hospital gown, so they took him just like this. . .)

Brody is his dad's number one pal, and best ranch hand.  He LOVES to go with his dad to work, and frequently calls him and asks, "When you gonna come get me?"  Some days it works out for Brody to go, and other days not (depending on what kind of work Brent is doing that day).
On this day Brody had called his dad and Brent told him he'd be there in an hour or so to pick him up.
His reply was, "I'm gonna just wait for you."
And he did.
He sat on the back step, faithfully watching for his dad's pick-up to pull in.

Family date night at our favorite steak house.

Getting geared up for Easter by making a "project" . . .

I can hardy handle how they turned out!  Pretty funny in my opinion.

And of course, dyeing Easter eggs.

Easter morning.

All ready for church.
How I love these two handsome boys.

Easter dinner.

It's definitely spring time at our house-- babies galore.
Puppies and kitties!

Here is our all time FAVORITE baby,
now 4 months of age.

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