Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ryker's Big Weekend

On April 12th, 2014 we loaded our little family in the car, beginning the most special day of all.  This was the day we drove to the temple in Twin Falls, Idaho to have our sweet Ryker boy sealed to our family for eternity.  

Our closest family and friends joined us for this very special day.

As we entered the temple as a family, dressed in white, we felt such love, and peace, and happiness surrounding us.  The sealings of our boys are days I hold nearest and dearest to my heart.  
There is no feeling that compares.
Pure joy.
As Brent and I were walking down the hallway of the temple to join our close family and friends in the sealing room, I could feel a strong presence of family members who had passed on, there with us.  I felt as if they lined the entire hallway, and they were there to rejoice in that special day with us. 

I swear Ryker is throwing his fists in the air in this picture as if saying, "We did it!"
He was totally adorable during the sealing ordinance.  As the sealer was speaking to us, Ryker was staring up at him as if he understood what was going on, with a huge grin on his face, and flapping his little arms with excitement..
The sealer looked down at him and said, "This one's going to enjoy life. I can tell!"
All of the temple workers who stayed with Ryker in the nursery as Brent and I were getting dressed in our temple whites, commented that he was the best baby they'd ever been around.
He truly is a gem, and pure sunshine in our lives.
There is truly something about our little guy-- he literally radiates happiness and joy to all those around him. 

The following day, at church, Ryker was given a blessing by Brent in Sacrament meeting.
April 13, 2014.
It was another amazing day full of love and support from our close family and friends.
After Ryker's blessing, the bishop was speaking at the pulpit and commented, "That is one well behaved kid, and sure a cute one!"
We couldn't agree more!

Following church, we held a big dinner with about 75 friends and family members.  There are so many who love and adore Ryker, and have welcomed him into our family.

Brent with his uncle, Lyle Jones

Jared and Bailee

Brent's sister, Janet, and her family.

What an amazing weekend, and how we love our little family. 

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