Monday, April 20, 2015

October 2014

October was such a fun month, and honestly one of the most fun times of year now that I have kids of my own.  
In the past, we have done a group costume where we all coordinate, but this year we switched it up.  Brody now has an opinion about his costume and wanted to be a ninja turtle.  At work we dressed up as nerds (so that was my costume by default, Brent was one of the Robinsons, and Ryker wore Brody's old costume-- a monkey.

We look forward to going to my parents' each year for a Halloween party. 
Grandpa was quietly waiting for us on the front porch. . . 

My brother, Steve, and his girlfriend Allison.

We played games and Landon made Halloween gifts for each of us.

The next day we went to the pumpkin patch.

Grandpa didn't want to miss out on the ISU game- so he listened to it!
Way to be a multi-tasker!

The kids made witches potion.

All pooped out--on the stairs even.

I took some photos of my 2 favorite boys at the park one day.

We had a short obsession with mustaches around here.

Ryker was obviously not impressed. 

We put mustaches on the baby, rocking horses, and ourselves.

Brody loves to look at the waterfalls in the canyon when we go to Twin Falls shopping.  It's always a good incentive for good behavior while shopping. Might be considered bribery.

On our way back from checking cows with Brent, we stopped so Brent and Brody could carve our family's names in the side of the mountain.

He'll want to shoot me someday for this one.

At the Oakley pumpkin patch.

Like a pro.

Halloween day festivities.

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