Monday, July 6, 2015

December 2014

Oh my word, my favorite month/ season of the whole year.  I can't even describe how much I love the Christmas season, but pictures are worth way more than words.  Here we go . . .

 Cutest snow man I ever did see.

When Brody saw what I was doing he wanted in on the action too.  "I want to be Olaf too, Mom!"

We kicked off the beginning of December with our annual Jones Family Christmas Party.

Rykes and Aunt Janet.

 This looks like trouble.

Partied out.

Kourtney, Logan, Matthew, and baby MJ joined us in Oakley for the Christmas lighting and program in the park.  It was chilly and rained on us!

Then, of course, our own Christmas tree lighting.

Brody re-told the story of the 1st Christmas for FHE. He made the nativity in his primary class.

Our annual visit to the fat man in the red suit.  Brody wanted nothing to do with him (as usual), but wanted the candy cane and made ME tell him what was on his Christmas list.  Ryker was leery at first, but by the time we left, he flashed Mr. Clause a cheesy grin.

One of our annual traditions is matching PJs.

Then the anticipation begins. Christmas Eve at my parent's house.

Another tradition of ours is a box that is opened on Christmas Eve with treats, a Christmas movie, games, Christmas stories, etc. . .

Christmas morning.

 Brody was sooo excited about his "bownero!"

It snowed. HARD.

Please let me through this baby gate, Mom.

Round two of present opening the day after Christmas when the Weir cousins arrived.

Our white elephant gift exchange.
I think Steve liked his gift.

Sledding and playing in the snow!

 "Sleeping" in their bed of snow.

Man I love this crew of mine.

These are a few more random cell phone pics from the month of December . . .

Brody drew his dad. 

This is what happens when you blow in the spout of your sippy cup.
Milk explosion!

Total relaxation.

We found entertainment in a magnifying sheet. Proceed through the next few photos with caution.


The season summed up perfectly in one word.
Especially in reference to some news we received mid-December.
Best news of the season.
In fact, some of the most joyous news of our lives.
Keep scrolling.

We couldn't be happier and we are so grateful for this new little blessing who will be joining our family this coming summer.  Our blessings are too numerous to count and we are so incredibly thankful. 
Grateful for our Savior and His birth, His life. We acknowledge His hand in all things and know that through Him all things are possible.

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