Sunday, November 15, 2015

January- March 2015

The boys loved sledding and although it is a different kind of sledding than I grew up with (I'm used to sledding down a hill), I also had fun.  Brent hooked a sled behind his truck and drug us around the field until our noses were cold.

A crisp winter evening. Not a shabby view from our front porch.

Just a few cell phone shots. . .

We made it to nearly March avoiding the sick bug, but then it hit HARD.  Poor Ryker.

Grandpa had cataract surgery and sent the boys a "Pirate" picture.

Our Ryker at 16 months.

Best, juiciest lips in town.

The baby whisperer in church.

One of Brody's favorite things to do is helping his dad. 

Ryker the mess-maker.

Brody was hard at work signing each and every Valentine for pre-school.

When Brody opened his Valentine's card from Grandma and Grandpa, he was so excited that he got, "500 DOLLARS!"

The Birthday Boy turns 5 and thinks having birthdays is A-Okay!

We had a little get-together with some fellow adoptive mamas (Chelsie and Hilary) and little Evie-- aka Ryker's girlfriend.

Getting ready for EASTER!!

The sick bug bit us again.

We tried to take advantage of any warm days at the park.

These are the cutest helpers a dad could ask for.

Kourtney and her darling little family were sealed in the Idaho Falls temple in March and we were lucky enough to attend and celebrate the day with them.


Brody just being Brody!

He got a scratch on his foot and you would have thought it was major.  I had to squint to even see it. :)

Going for a bike ride.

When we go to Twin Falls shopping, I use the Falls as a little bribery.  Brody loves to see them.

And we checked out the Harrett Center while we were there.

Another get-together with some of my favorite gals and their gorgeous babies.

Trying to get a picture was comical.

Two best pals.

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