Monday, July 11, 2016

Welcoming Jayla Home- end of July 2015

The time in Arkansas (11 days) seemed so surreal and flew by in a blissful, yet exhausting blur. Much of the time there didn't seem real.
It wasn't until we got back home, and I actually had a moment to think and breathe that things really soaked in, and the realization of the magnitude of the blessing this little girl is to our family truly sank in.
How grateful and honored we are.

Ryker giving a "hug."

Not long after we came home, the visits and celebrating began. Friends and family couldn't wait to get their hands on our sweet girl.
Aunt Mel for one.

Chelsie Drake (our good friend and a fellow adoptive mama)

Cousin Lauren

Aunt Erica, and cousins Tate and Raegan

Grandpa Cox!

Kallie Hunger (another good friend and fellow adoptive mama)

Kallie's adorable little ones-- Lila and Joe




And of course I didn't waste any time taking the traditional saddle/newborn photos.
Both of my boys have photos similar to this. All three are wearing the same onesie, but we added a little glam to Jayla's with a pink tutu.

"Find her, protect her, spoil her, dance with her, and never stop loving her. . . "
I think we've got that covered between the special guys in her life.

At the end of July, Aunt Mel and Grandma Cox threw a fun baby shower.

At the shower, Brody loved showing off his baby sister to everyone, and especially liked pointing out all of her hair! (the hair on her arms-- ha!)

Finally, by the end of July, Jayla is cord free.

She is also starting to fill out.

Big brother, Ryker, is finding new avenues for mischief.

and oldest brother, Brody, spends part of every day like this, in total admiration.

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