Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brave Boy

This morning Brody got his flu shot and was very brave, and didn't cry.  After he got the shot, his bottom lip poked out, and he wrapped his little arms around my neck and hugged me tight.  Then he whipped his head around to give the nurse one last look as if saying, "don't do that to me again."
Soon after, he was all smiles again.  I love him.

 Brody worships his daddy and copies everything Brent does.  The other day Brent muttered a naughty word under his breath that went something like, "oh sh*t." 
Guess who repeated it?
We better be more careful, we have a sponge soaking up everything we say, and do.
String cheese? I wonder what happened to the rule about keeping food in the kitchen? 
I do love the fact that these two are such great pals, and I hope it always stays like that.

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