Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fishing for Styrofoam

Yesterday, my kid stuffed styrofoam up his nose.
Yep, styrofoam.
Then after he put it in his nose, he stuck his finger in and pushed it up further.
Since it was after closing time at the doctor's office, we waited to take him in today.  In the meantime, I kept hoping and watching for him to sneeze it out.  He sneezed alright, but no luck ejecting the styrofoam.
So off we went to the doctor to have it fished out.  I had the honors of holding him down (at least trying to), but it felt more like I was trying to contain a wild animal.  He wanted no part of it, and kicked, flailed his arms, shook his head back and forth, and screamed like a mashed cat.  Poor little thing.
Lets just say we didn't have much luck at the Dr.'s office- he couldn't see the lodged piece of styrofoam. It was either up too high, or came out on its own, or would come out by itself, (or maybe start stinking).
Made me feel awful that he was so terrified.  But at the end of the office visit, the doctor offered him candy (smarties) and the world was again OK in Brody's eyes. 
Then just as we got home, and walked in the door Brody sneezed.
I watched intently to see if anything would come flying out of his nose.
It didn't.
But he pulled a funny face, and reached in his mouth and "ta da". . .
pulled out the small piece of styrofoam, and handed it to me!

 Just in case you're wondering. No, I didn't stop and take his picture as he was stuffing the styrofoam up his nose.  This was taken a couple weeks ago.  Brody has taken up a hobby of nose picking as of late.
I just don't understand why kids like to do this.  Aren't they gross?

 Brody has a basket full of bath toys, and he chooses to play with an empty bottle over any of the toys.  It never gets old to him.  He fills it up, and dumps it out over, and over, and over. . .  on himself, over the side of the tub (ugghhh!), and occasionally he drinks it!- nasty.
 I can't get enough of those chubby cheeks. . .
 And I'm jealous of his eyelashes.  I haven't figured out why they are (almost) always passed out to little boys.  Us girls would kill for those long, thick, curled lashes.

Brody is now 18-months-old, and I swear he changes daily.
He's starting to look like such a big boy.  The other day someone asked me if he was 3.
Three!? Are you kidding me?
To me, he'll always be my baby boy.
 He currently has 11 teeth.  (He's kind of a late bloomer as far as getting teeth, but with everything else he's right on track, or even ahead of the game).
Speaking of teeth, he has started grinding them (not in his sleep, but during the day).  I guess now that he has two opposing molars, it's seems fun to him?! It makes such an awful sound, it just about sends me through the roof.  There's not much you can do with teeth grinding until adulthood, so hopefully he'll get over this soon.
 He enjoys "helping" me with you name it: vacuuming, throwing trash away, putting laundry in the dryer, putting his shoes away, changing the sheets, dusting. (Any bets when he's actually old enough to really help, he won't want to?) He's my little buddy who's always right there, following me around the house.  He's also becoming very independent, and wants to do things himself, and his way. For now it's cute, but we'll see if I think that in a couple months.

He's a little stinker, and every time I turn around he's doing something like this. . .
 I believe he thinks it's "fun" to get in trouble.  Or at least he likes getting a reaction out of me.  It's become a game to him, and he knows when he's in trouble.  He gets my attention when he's doing something naughty, and then wags his finger back and forth as if saying "no, no."
If he has something in his possession that he knows is a "NO NO," he'll get my attention first, and then he'll run just as fast as those little toddler legs will go.
He's for sure testing the limits, and boundaries.  We're trying to teach him, but it's hard to get mad at those blue eyes, and that captivating/ mischievous smile.
Brody occasionally flashes a FAKE smile for me where he puts on a big cheesy, toothy grin, and scrunches up his face, and eyes.
Makes me giggle. I wish I had a picture.
 Here are some other things Brody's doing at 18 months:
He'll still eat about anything-not a picky eater, but especially likes fruit.  Brody's a bottomless pit, and will eat any time something is offered to him. He likes to use a spoon or fork now, and insists on drinking out of a "big boy" cup. He usually refuses his sippy cup at meal times.  This boy is growing up too fast for me.
After he's done eating, I normally mop up the floor around his high chair on my hands and knees.  Without fail, he'll come up behind me and pat me on the back, and hug me.  (It's as if he's saying "good job mom", or "sorry mom.")
Still loves a (satin)blanky, and binky.  Won't go to sleep without them.
Good at giving "high 5's."
Carries on "conversations" with us.  We have NO idea what he's saying, but he'll do the usual conversation banter back and forth with us for a good 5 minutes by responding when we talk to him, and then pausing, waiting for us to respond back.  It's amazing to me what kids pick up on socially at such an early age.
When he starts talking, and really using words I bet he'll be a chatter box- he "talks" a lot now.

When you ask him what a cow, or any other animal says his answer is always the same.
So occasionally we ask him what a ghost says so he can get one right!
 This boy makes me happy, and I never want to forget the way he is at each stage. 
Love every ounce of him.
 I get the feeling he's going to give him us a run for our money,
but we wouldn't change a thing about him.


  1. oh he is so cute! I love all these pictures!! The first couple made me laugh, I have a boy (Dax-so far Colt hasn't figured that one out yet) that I swear only picked his nose when someone had the camera out. Needless to say I have a lot of nose picking pictures of him. I am so glad our boys are so close in age. I see lots of fun times ahead for them and us.

  2. He is adorable. What a fun age!

    (Look, I can comment now! It was a browser problem. I've read every post and I'm a big fan. Now I can comment, woohoo!)