Sunday, November 13, 2011

He Makes Me Smile

Must have had some important phone calls (plural).
 Short story about the phones Brody's holding.  They have a history of terrorizing.  They're just cheapo, play phones that make irritating "phone" sounds, and have an annoying recordings that say, "operator, can I help you?," "leave a message," followed by dialing.  One night Brody took them in the bath tub with him, and it was fine because I hoped they would get ruined.  A few nights later, my parents were staying at our house and the phones mysteriously started playing their annoying sounds OVER, and OVER again in the MIDDLE of the night.  My mom got up and took them out of the bathtub toy basket, and nicely wrapped them in a towel to try and muffle the noises.  It didn't work, and I woke up and heard them too.  So I opened the back door, and chucked them on the back lawn (while the sprinkler system was running, hoping this time they would be ruined, and I planned to pick them up the next morning and throw them in the dumpster).  I completely forgot about them. . . until a couple days later when Brody and I were driving to the store, and I heard, "operator, can I help you?"
Those dang phones!  They're tantalizing me.
Thanks, Dad for planting them in my car.  I owe you one.
Needless to say, some how we still have the stupid phones. 

Classy, huh?!
 I was taking a shower one morning, and I could hear Brody fumbling around in our closet.  When I got out of the shower, I went to check on him to see what he was doing. 
And this is what he was doing!!
He actually walks better in them than I do.
 I usually lock him in our master suite while I'm in the shower to try and minimize the trouble he can get into while I'm not watching.  Once I failed to do this, and while I was showering, Brody was frantically gathering everything he wasn't supposed to touch around the house (such as a glass picture frame with a picture of my Grandma in it), and putting it all in a pile in my bedroom.  It was hilarious actually, seeing him run just as fast as those little toddler legs would take him, trying to get everything he'd been dying to touch gathered up!
He had quite a pile harvested!

This must mean he's been around Brent's cow dogs too much. . .

 How could this grin not make your day?  It does mine.
Take a look at his ear.  Yes, that is a pea.  We switched from stuffing things up our nose, to now our ear.  Fantastic!

I love this kid.
Even when he's grumpy.

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