Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Snow

Friday, we got our first substantial snow storm. The snow flakes were ginormous, and it was actually a "pretty" snow fall.  Usually our snow storms are a bit nasty since the wind normally accompanies the snow around here.  But not this time.  The snow fell quietly, and calmly.
 It actually fell straight down (instead of sideways), landed on the tree branches, and stayed there awhile.
. . . Till later that evening, when the wind appeared and messed it all up.
I truly dislike the wind. . .  it's the worst part of winter.  The non-stop, howling, cold wind.

Today, we had some sunshine so Brody, and I ventured outside to play in the white, fluffy stuff.
Brody thought it was great, as long as he didn't have to touch it.
He was content just roaming around, kicking the snow.
He refused to let me put his mittens on, so I guess it was a good thing he didn't want to touch it, or his little hands would've froze.


 It was all good until. . .
This happened.

He did not like the cold, white stuff all over his little hands.
The fun was over so we went inside to warm up.

On a funny note. . .
(and a change of subject)
We had this ham in the fridge which had been thawed for a couple days, and we knew we had to get it cooked soon, or it we'd have to throw it away. So Thursday night, Brent decided we should stick it in the oven, and let it cook while we were sleeping so it would be ready the next day.
I was up late, getting things done around the house, and Brent had fallen asleep while putting to Brody to bed, but wandered out of Brody's room about midnight.  I talked Brent into putting the ham in the oven for me so I could finish up what I was doing, and we could both go to bed.
The next day Brent took the ham out and opened the tin foil, then just kind of walked away and left it, and started playing with Brody.
Me: "What are you doing? I thought you wanted to make a ham sandwich."
Brent: "It's still in the plastic."
I was confused by what he meant, so I walked over to take a look and sure enough. . .
He forgot to take the ham out of the plastic it was packaged in before he put it in the oven!  Hahahahahaaa!
Way to go, honey!  Nice effort, but I guess I won't ask you to help me at midnight again.
I surveyed the ham, and the plastic was all still intact.  It hadn't melted, and we reasoned that since you put a turkey in a plastic bag before you stick it in the oven, the ham was probably still edible.
So we ate it anyway. 

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  1. That ham is hilarious!

    I've put rolls in the oven without removing the plastic. They were definitely NOT okay.

    I love Brody's expressions. Snow pictures are always my favorite!