Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Old Man, A Witch, and Their Puppy

Brent, and I (mostly me) thought it would be fun to dress up for Halloween along with Brody.
After all, we don't want to be considered some of those "boring parents."  However, this didn't earn us a FUN label as far as Brody was concerned.
When Brody saw Brent with his scary mask on, he clung to me like a magnet, and refused to even look at his dad.
When I first appeared out of the bedroom dressed in my costume, Brody was in his high chair eating.  He caught a glimpse of me, and jumped as if he were startled by my appearance.  Then, he sized me up with a sideways look for a moment, and I could tell he wanted to figure it out from a distance. 
It was a little disturbing to him, so I kept some distance until he decided I was still his mom under all that garb.
But after Brent's mask went on, I was A-okay.
He held on to me.  TIGHTLY.   Then. . .
. . . he flat out burst into tears.  It was pathetic, and REALLY sad.
Poor little pup.
 I thought Halloween was supposed to be fun,
but he IS a little young for all that scary stuff.

So Brent ditched the mask, and Brody got over it really quickly.
It was funny though because if the mask was laying on the couch, or anywhere besides ON Brent, then Brody was fine with it, and would laugh, and swat at it.

We took him to a "trunk-or-treat."
When we first arrived, there were kids running around everywhere in their costumes busily collecting candy, but Brody couldn't have cared less.  He was more interested in the kids playing football behind the church.  He stood by this tree and watched them, and occasionally jumped with his arms in the air as if he were trying to get their attention so they'd throw the ball to him.
 This child is obsessed with balls, and is constantly throwing them AT us.  I think he's trying to throw them TO us, and play catch, but he fails to warn us, and usually the only warning we get is when we see a ball flying toward us from our peripheral vision.  It isn't just a toss either.  He has a pretty good arm for a 19 month old. 
In nursery last Sunday, one of his leaders commented that she'd never seen a nursery kid "throw that accurately."  I'm not so sure that was a good thing to be told about my child in nursery.
But I chose to take it as a complement (and we'll have to work on him not throwing things AT others. . .)
A quarterback someday?  Maybe. . .

Anyways, he makes a pretty cute puppy. 
What do you think?
Eventually we got him engaged in the task at hand, and started "trunk-or-treating."
But he just kind of wandered around with a glazed-over look on his face.
It was a little much for him to take in. 
He didn't really care about the candy, or the other kids in their costumes.  We had to coax him to take any candy.

But he found some leaves that he thought were pretty cool to play in,
and someone brought their bull dogs dressed up in costumes. Brody was really into them.
I guess he's drawn to his own kind.

He cracks me up.
Isn't this typical of a dog?

Brody and Brent trick-or-treating at my sister's house.

We ended our night, hanging out at my the Weir's house, and Brody walked around all night saying, "rawrrr."  I'm not sure where he picked that up.
On the way home our little puppy was pooped, and by the time we pulled into the garage he was sound asleep.
We had such a fun Halloween, and I'm sure it will get even better next year.

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  1. You look fantastic! What a gorgeous witch. Poor puppy, I'm glad he forgave his dad. We're counting on him to be the quarterback!