Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aunt Inez

On January 6, an angel returned Home.  Her mission here on earth was complete. The world is a bit more sad without her, but she was needed for bigger, and better things. 

(Inez Elna Teuscher Zeller 9-19-19 to 1-6-12)

"Aunt I-ness," or "Aunt Iney," or "Auntie I" (she had many names we used to refer to her) was my grandmother's sister (Mom's side). She didn't have children of her own so we adopted her. . . or she adopted us.  Which ever way it was, it was mutual.  We all loved her.  In fact, everyone who met her loved her, she made friends easily.  I'm going to miss that unbridled, contagious laugh of hers.  She had such a sense of humor, and was always quick to laugh.  She was fun, and witty.  She could keep up with the best of my dad's razzing, and always had a comeback.  She lost her husband, Hank, way too early (1970), never remarried, and was alone for too many years.  But this didn't slow her down, or give her cause to mope.  She amazed me with her endless energy, and zest for life.  If this tells you anything, she played on a bowling league well into her 80's!  I also loved how she would get so fired up watching the Utah Jazz. She was very social, and loved to socialize with her friends, and sisters.

My favorite---Aunt Inez lived just blocks from Grandma, and Grandpa's house, and would bring the newspaper over to them every morning.  There wasn't a door bell at their back door, so each morning she would let herself in and yell, "yooou hoooo" in a melodic way.  I can hear it now, and it makes me smile.
I have good memories of sitting on Grandma and Grandpa's back porch with Aunt Inez, Mel, Mom, the cousins, and my Aunt Nancy snapping beans, and shelling peas from their gigantic garden for what seemed like hours.  Our fingers would be green, and our bellies sick from eating too many peas. Grandma always warned us not too eat to many, but they were so good.

I can remember her, and Grandma, and Grandpa coming to see us in Pocatello often.  We would usually go to the mall and do some shopping, and I remember her always going to ZCMI to buy Este Lauder perfume.  She enjoyed nice things, her hair was always "put up" perfectly, her lipstick on, and adorned with bling!  "Classy" is a good word to describe her.  She loved jewelry, and had quite the collection.  At the same time she was generous, kind, caring, and extremely thoughtful.  After Grandma died, she would check on Grandpa twice each day, and call to check on him before bed. (I'm sure Grandma appreciated her for that). She was right by Grandma's side when she was sick with cancer, and I have recently learned she sometimes stayed the night to be there for her.
She was a worrier.  Just like Grandma.  Just like me-- I know where I get it.

I remember taking a trip with her and Grandma, Mom, and Melanie to Salt Lake City to see the Christmas lights on Temple Square.  Anytime Grandma, and Inez were together, you can bet there was MUCH laughter, and story telling.  On this trip we laughed so hard our guts hurt as we listened to them telling stories about their childhood (I wish we'd recorded it). I loved hearing them tell stories about their father (my great-grandpa), and how musical he was, and how he would often play some sort of musical instrument, and have a dance with all 8 of her siblings, and and mother in their living room.  I loved listening to her, and Grandma imitate their father getting upset, (which was rare because they always talked about how kind, and gentle of a man he was) and cussing with his Swiss accent, "Dunder Vater!" (I still don't know what that means.)

(Temple Square 1997- Wow, Mel and I were rockin' the 90's hair and stonewashed jeans!) 

(Both of them despised having their picture taken.  I can hear Grandma saying with disgust, "Oh, I take a terrible picture!"  That's what the look on her face is saying  I miss her too).

It makes me sad that she's gone.  That I don't get to hear her laugh, or her boisterous voice anymore.  It makes me sad to know she's the last of my grandma's generation, and the last reason for me to visit that little town of Montpelier that I love, which holds so many good memories.  But it makes me smile to think of the blissful reunion in Heaven with Grandma (I bet they're having quite the party), and with her sweetheart, and all her loved ones.  I know she's earned her place 1st in line for heaven.  She was an incredible woman who was stalwart, worthy, and steadfast (I don't believe she ever did anything wrong in all of her 92 years).  She lived a life to be proud of. 
We'll miss you Aunt Iney.
Aunt Inez's 90th Birthday Celebration.  Above: Mel, Lauren, Landon, Aunt Inez, Me, Jason, and Nathan.
Below: Mom, and Aunt Nancy with Aunt Iney.

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