Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas + Family + Grandma and Grandpa's House = FUN

While we were at my parents' for Christmas we took advantage of what little snow we had in the yard and did some sledding, and snow man building.
They live in a hilly (is that a word?) area, and while growing up we used to ski down the driveway, and sled all around our house. Our favorite sledding location which was just across the gully, the so called "bunny hill," no longer exists- someone had to spoil it by building a house on top.
There was barely enough snow to make do, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Landon demonstrating how his new snow ball launcher works.

Building the snow man was a group effort.

We borrowed one of Grandpa's old hats, and Grandma's scarf to top him off, and I think he turned out pretty cute.

Later that week we attempted to take Brody to his first movie at the theatre, the Chipmunks movie, "Chipwrecked."
It didn't go as well as planned.  We lasted about 30 minutes, and then decided it was time to go-- Brody became more interested in standing, and bounding on the seat, kicking the seats in front of him, attempting to wander down the row of seats adjacent to us, and spilling popcorn everywhere.  I had hoped that with it being dark and all, he would sit still and not want to do all of the above things.  Ha! It was a nice thought.  Maybe next year. . .

One evening, Grandpa entertained us, and put on a magic show.  He had some tricks up his sleeve that fooled Nate, Landon, and Lauren, and others that they were too smart for.  It was funny to watch their faces.

The cousins.
There's no place as good as Grandma and Grandpa's place,
and there's no place like home.

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